Wednesday, June 21, 2006


My 5 year old, almost 6 year old, daughter has started talking with quite the little accent. At the end of school, she would say some words that sounded almost British. It was funny, but she was quite capable of saying the words correctly so we started having her say them the right way and I think that accent is now gone. Right now, her accent runs along the line of a South Carolina redneck! Granted, alot of times I'll speak with a little bit of an exaggerated speech like this. I know it's not correct grammar to say, "ain't" and "don't got none," but sometimes I'll do it just to be funny. I think she has picked up on this and has also begun lengthening words to be real drawn out like some Southerners do. This is the conversation she & I have had more than once:

Me: "Okay, you little South Carolina redneck!"

Gracie: "Hey! I don't have a red neck!"

Looks like Mommy needs to start setting a good example in the way I speak. Also, I don't think she's grasped what a redneck is. Maybe we'll take a drive down the road this afternoon and I can show her some real ones! I think the guy down the street who keeps about 5 John Deere tractors in his yard with American flags on them might qualify. For the record, we don't live in the country, either!
Gracie worked hard yesterday on a craft project. Give that girl some paper, crayons, scissors, glue & tape and she can create a masterpiece! She made a little doll house church. I only had to help her a little. She assured me that the pony knew how to act in Bible Class!
We're doing a little "potty training boot camp" this week with Katie. *ugh*

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jettybetty said...

5 tractors! That would be a pretty good example I think! LOL

Do kids needs expensive toys--look what Gracie did with just your basic supplies. I am so impressed she made a doll house church! Precious.

Hope *boot* camp goes well!