Saturday, September 16, 2006

I can't find anything!!!

I've heard of Spring cleaning. I guess this is what you call Fall cleaning! Chris decided today was the day to clean out & organize the shed. As much as I'm not enjoying it, it did need to be done. I needed to find Gracie's old clothes to see what Katie already has to wear this Fall. I also lend out some of Gracie's other clothes to a friend's daughter and I needed to get to those. Finding those was going to be hard since I'd have to step over a lawnmower, a tricycle, a bicycle, a weed blower, a chain saw, etc. to get to the tubs of clothes. I think you get the picture!

So far, I have a clothes pile to go through, a book pile (some to sell on Ebay, some to add to Gracie's bookcase and some to donate to Gracie's classroom if Mrs. Stauffer wants them) and a garage sale pile. There are alot of other piles out there too...I'm just not sure what they stand for!

Please tell me that someone else out there is as disorganized as we are!


jettybetty said...

Not fun--but so necessary!

Malia said...

Yes, I am as disorganized, if not more!