Monday, September 25, 2006

Jack Sprat.......

Friday: Parent's Night Out! One of the Life Groups from church hosted this event and it was great! Chris & I went out to a "fancy" restaurant that we wouldn't typically take our kids to. There were kids there so it's not like it was extremely fancy but it wouldn't be our first choice to take our kids to. We then wondered what to do with the rest of our evening! We got some Starbucks (Pumpkin Spice Latte~yum!) but our only Starbucks is in our Kroger so that's not real "date-like." Then we drove around and ended up going to Goody's where we ran into some friends then also saw Adam & Alissa driving through the parking lot! We just hung out for the rest of the evening. Even though it wasn't very eventful, we enjoyed it...just being together without the kids around. We love our girls but it's nice to take a break every now & then. I've included a picture Gracie drew of us on our date. No comments please that I'm drawn like a large triangle while Chris is drawn as a skinny he is! She was quite intrigued by this whole "Parent's Night Out" thing. You can tell we don't go out much! Of course, the girls had a blast playing at the church building and eating pizza and watching a movie with their friends!

Saturday: I went to a Ladies' Brunch that morning. That was really nice and yummy! Waaay too many choices. It was fun to have this time with different ladies from church and my friend Mary Beth came also. That afternoon I worked on my Sunday School lesson and then took Gracie & a friend to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear. That was fun! The party concluded at the little girl's house where the kids had alot of fun running around playing and eating cupcakes.

Sunday: We had church that morning where I am continuing to really enjoy teaching the 1st & 2nd graders. It's a small group...usually 3, but only 2 this Sunday. I am having alot of fun and I love getting to see firsthand what Gracie is learning. I'm so proud of how well she does with learning!

That afternoon, Chris & I worked on the Student Directory I'm putting together for Gracie's school. OH MY GOODNESS! I never in my life imagined how much work this would be. The way we were putting it together involved having to combine different classes on different sheets and then we'd (I'd) forget a class and we'd have to move classes to other sheets then I'd print them off then I'd have to move things over and print again then he'd have to make the font a different color then I'd have to proofread to catch any mistakes. This was all after I'd typed in the about 663 names then proofread and found way too many mistakes then made sure everyone was in the right class then made any corrections the teachers found on their rough drafts. Do those last couple of sentences sound like run-ons? Well, that's how my last 24 hours or so have felt!

I really was stressed yesterday about 5:00. I actually sent Chris & the girls to Life Group without me. I felt really guilty but I just felt like I had to get that part done before I went crazy.

Monday: This morning Mary Beth & I met at the school office around 9:00 to make the copies. 4 1/2 hours later we were done. We made roughly 750 copies of 9 different pages, front & back. 13,500 copies. Thank goodness for Rizographs that go fast! Still, it took forever! Not to mention a couple of glitches with the machine resetting when we didn't know it had and then it saying we had "gone over our limit" as far as the number of copies we were allowed to make.

We left the school around 1:15 to pick up Katie. Another lady was in the lounge beginning the task of colating 750 sets of directories. I may go in tomorrow to work on it then also on Wednesday I think some of us may work on whatever needs to be finished. They will also need to be stapled down the middle. I am grateful for MB helping me make copies (I literally would have gone crazy if I'd been doing it by myself.) I'm also grateful for the lady who began colating today! This is not a job to do by yourself! Both of these ladies had offered to type as well.

Right now I'm waiting on a friend to come over with her children. Her son & Gracie have a soccer game tonight. Chris has a test he needs to study for, so he's going to watch her girls & Katie while she & I take the big kids to the game. That way, she gets a little bit of a break and he can study for a test. He has this ability to tune out the kids playing so he will actually be able to study with 3 children 3 & under in the house! LOL My friend & I plan to stop at Starbucks on the way to the game too!

Tonight I plan on veggin' out!


jettybetty said...

That directory sounds like WORK!

Glad ya'll had a date night--did you spend the evening talking about the kids??

Jenna said...

That wore me out just reading that! What a big job!