Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SYATP 2006

"See You at the Pole" was this morning at Gracie's school and there was a nice turnout. I was so impressed with the students who led. There was just something about seeing a big 5th grade boy in a football jersey raising his hands as he sang to God that got to me! Even though he wasn't my child, I felt pride for him. Silly maybe, but I felt it. When I saw another lady wiping her eyes, it got to me. When I saw the mom of the football boy with her eyes shining and saw the way his dad looked at him, it got to me. I believe it was "Here I Am to Worship" where some of the kids had movements that involved raising their hands during part of the song. Truly sweet to see.

I was just so impressed that he, and other boys & girls, were taking such leadership roles. There was just something about the football jersey that stood out to me. So many kids at that age try to "be cool" and act like they're too good for something like this and I thought it was great that he was so vocal about being a leader. SYATP is supposed to be "student-led" and the lady who organized it this year tried to really take that into account and the "service" was truly led by the students. I told Gracie and her friend Hunter that they would be the ones up there one year leading when the big kids leave to go across the street to the middle school. Of course, they said no and acted embarrassed but I have a feeling a time will come when both of them will be ready for leadership roles in something like SYATP. I hope so. I still consider myself quite conservative so I'm not sure what role I will pray for Gracie, as a girl, to have in a setting such as this, but there is some role she can have I'm quite sure. Of course, Chris told Hunter's dad that he'd have to be the one who played the guitar. I said, "Yeah, we don't have a guitar at our church, we don't know about those!" LOL

I'm thankful for the mother who coordinated this event and for the people who passed the word around. I have a friend who tells me that noone is school, no family, no friendship and anyone who pretends that something is perfect is lying. I think she has a good point, so I won't tell you that the SYATP experience was perfect. There are some people who don't support it like I think they should; there are some people who don't encourage others to attend; there are some people who discourage some people to attend. My mind screams, "It's not fair!" "It's their right to be there." "Freedom of Speech; freedom of religion."

However, the mother who coordinated it had a good point. SYATP is not about making a stand. It's about being in prayer. So I'm thankful that we, as parents & students, were able to take this opportunity to be in prayer this morning. Gracie or I either one will try to say a prayer each morning on the way to school or before we leave the house, but this morning was a "special" time for this large gathering. I'm thankful that the names of all the classroom teachers, along with the principal & assistant principal, were read right before a prayer was said for the them.

I'm thankful for the discussions I had with 2 of my PTA friends later in the morning as we sat working on the Student Directories. We talked about where we go to church (1 Church of Christ, 1 Baptist, 1 Presbyterian). We talked about how we try to instill values in our children. We talked about some of the things we struggle with at our school and some of the good things about our school. We talked about fears we have for our children and times they've made us proud. The point is that we all 3 (I talked with them at separate times) have a faith in the same God & Christ. I'm thankful for that. We all believe a little differently and in my "strict Church of Christ background" I'm still not sure what to think about those differences and how to respond to them, but we all believe in the same God. We all struggle with similar things regarding our children and we all seek God to help us. I know that God is putting me in situations these days where I'm being made to think, really think. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm thinking, but I'm thinking. I'm thankful that so many good people who love God and are teaching their children to love God have been brought into my life through our experience with Gracie's school. I don't know if I'll become "good friends" with them or just "school friends" or even just "school acquaintances" but I'm thankful nonetheless. I love feeling like I walk away sometimes with something new to think about.

I'm thankful for the teachers who came to SYATP even though they weren't encouraged, and some may even say discouraged, to attend. (see above reference to the fact that it wasn't perfect). They impressed me so much and I want to somehow let them know that.

I'm thankful that the Student Directories were put in the teacher's boxes this afternoon! Yippee! I had lots of help today and we knocked them out. I'm so glad!!!!!!!!! Granted, I was at the school from 9:15-1:15 Monday; 12:15-2:15 yesterday; and 7:00-2:15 today (with a few breaks to take & pick up Katie from MDO), but they're done! *whew* I'm thankful that the assistant principal was nice enough to allow me to take Katie to the school with me since the room I was using was kind of isolated so Katie wouldn't be a distraction to the students. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have been able to work on it so much. I try to be very considerate about Katie when I'm at the school and don't take her to volunteer in the classroom because I know it's not the "time nor place." The room I was using for this project though was perfect for her to run around in and not be a distraction to anyone but the people in there and there weren't ever many of us in there. Those who were seemed to be fine with her being there. I was really proud of her because she behaved really well! Of course, when we went into the office to deliver the books she got a little rowdier but not too bad and we were probably only in there 20 minutes or so.

My life right now is "PTA mom" and I'm loving it! True, I get tired sometimes but I don't think I would have it any other way. Our President was helping me this morning and cut her finger and got blood on one of the books. She was laughing about putting her blood into the project. I referred to putting "blood, sweat & tears" into it and told her that I did shed some tears Sunday when we were trying to get it all into the computer the right way! I'm thankful that I'm able to be a stay-at-home mom who can volunteer at Gracie's school. I enjoy being there. There and at home with my girls & Chris is exactly where I want to be right now! I was thinking about that when I was colating over & over and getting a little overwhelmed with it all. I thought, "You know, this is just where I want to be right now. I wouldn't change a thing." Katie behind me playing happily and eating snacks at "Sissy's school" while I worked. True, she is having a different toddlerhood than Gracie whose life consisted pretty much of church, home and playgroup! Katie lives in the van alot more but that's okay! Different doesn't have to mean bad!

I'm just trying to be thankful for things in my life. I don't always do a good job of that, but I'm trying. (I'm thankful that Chris gets to go to a "real" football game tomorrow night because I know he's excited about it!)

Thank you God for all of my blessings. Help me to be a positive example to those I come into contact with. Thank you for the precious children who lead prayers & sang songs this morning. Thank you for their faith & their boldness in sharing it with all who were at the school. I pray that my own children will be so bold as they grow. I pray that I will be, too.
In Jesus' Name,

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jettybetty said...

I love all your thanksgiving!
Glad SYATP went well--I don't think it has to be perfect either!