Monday, October 02, 2006

ladylike tea party

Friday night Gracie's friend Hunter came over for awhile. His parents needed someone to watch him while they went somewhere and Gracie was oh so happy to help out! They had a good time playing. In this picture, they have completely emptied the toy box looking for a princess crown that I wanted them to find. Of course, no child can resist getting inside an empty toy box! (They didn't find the crown, though.)

Saturday morning we spent cleaning, straightening, organizing and throwing things out. I think we made some progress but there still seems to be way too much stuff in this house!

Saturday afternoon the girls had been invited to a tea party! It was so fun and so sweet for these people to host it. It was hosted by a couple at church who don't even have children and it was so kind of them to include Gracie & Katie. The table was set so pretty and the children had a great time swinging (which was oh so ladylike! LOL) and eating & drinking. Neither of my girls cared for the actual tea but the food they enjoyed! They had pb&J sandwiches, just pb sandwiches, cookies, mini cupcakes, tarts. They feasted well! They also did a craft where they used little foam stickers to decorate a frame. They printed out a picture for the girls to put in their frame.

The girls both left with a carnation and a goodie bag filled with treats. This was really a special time. I love it when people who have children love my girls but for someone who doesn't have children to love them and show it really warms my heart.

As you can see in the picture where Katie is doing her craft, she is about to fall out! She said, "I take a nap?" After we left, that's exactly what they both did! They both fell asleep for awhile. That evening, some friends came over for dinner. Dinner which Chris cooked! My friend & I took dinner to a lady while Chris watched all the kids, cooked dinner & listened to his cherished Red Raiders on the radio. Talk about multi-tasking! We had a good time letting the kids play and eating our chicken fried steak & fried potatoes. Yum!

Today was church, nap & Life Group. I don't mean to make church sound so routine. Sometimes I feel that it's routine and I'd like to change that. We talked this morning in my 1st/2nd grade class about "walking with God." The story was about Enoch, the man who walked with God. We brainstormed different ways we can walk with God each day and the kids had some really great ideas. I touched on baptism briefly. In talking about the different ways we can walk with God, and I think it was maybe when we mentioned obeying the Bible, I led them to answer baptism in reference to one way we obey the Bible. One of the girls has an older sister who is a Christian and I mentioned something about how as they study and get older & learn more, hopefully they will make that decision to commit to Christ (like the older sister had, along with many others) and will do what....Gracie & 1 other little girl immediately answered 'baptism.' It makes me happy to see our young ones learning and thinking about such things. I pray that we as parents will teach them according to God's Word so as to be pleasing to Him!


Malia said...

That tea party is precious! How fun!'d the pumpkin bread turn out?

jettybetty said...

That tea party looks great--I am impressed someone without children did it--what a fun time!