Monday, October 16, 2006

I wanna wear..........

I just finished this book yesterday. It's cute, fun Christian "chic-lit." I like this kind of easy read. I know some people like the deeper, theological type books~and sometimes I enjoy those as well~but mainly I like a lighter read. I enjoyed this one!
Today Katie said, "I wanna wear p-a-n-t-i-e-s today." (I spelled it 'cause I don't want some weirdo coming across my blog if I type out the word!) Just like that! I said, "okay." She pee peed successfully at least once, (maybe twice) in the potty. (I say maybe because the 'evidence' wasn't as great that time but I think she did it.) She kept her p-a-n-t-i-e-s dry all morning! She even started the day with a pull up and it was kept dry. I did put her in a pull up for her nap~and she's still sleeping~but we'll go back to the other once she gets up. I soooo hope she has decided it's time to be potty trained. I'll admit: I have not pushed her very much with this. I pushed Gracie and we were both miserable! Of course, as with all children, Gracie was eventually potty trained and she wasn't terribly old when it happened. I know the same will be true with Katie. We've been much more laid back with her and we've been happier because of it! I'll be thrilled if today is the day she decides she's ready! (I don't mean to imply that we haven't tried or encouraged her at all; it's just that we haven't pushed her alot on the issue.)

During her nap I made a chart similar to what I made for Gracie when we were working with her. She will get a sticker for each time she potties. She also gets M&M's when she potties. When she fills up a row on her chart, she gets to pick a Dollar Tree prize. This worked WONDERS with Gracie. She is very motivated by things like this. I'm hoping it'll work with Katie as well. (I can't get my picture of the chart to load~I'll try later.)
We have decided to go to New Mexico for Christmas to see Chris' family. We will be driving because it's ridiculous how much it will cost to fly + all the hassle of flying right now. Really, anytime is kind of a hassle for me and I'm nervous about flying anyway. I checked today and it would cost us over $1600 for all of us to fly PLUS we would most likely drive 3 hours to get to airport in Atlanta (my parents can take us and keep our car so that saves on parking) then once we get to NM, we would have to drive about 3 hours to get to my in-law's house because they live in an itty bitty town. Then when we came back, we'd drive 3 hours back to the airport then 3 hours back to our house. So that's 12 hours of driving right there!

So, we'll be driving about 24 hours total to get there~through a total of 7 states. South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas & New Mexico. I'm really kind of excited about it; it'll be an adventure! We'll have the DVD player all ready to go; snacks for the car; books; toys, etc. Gracie has always been a rather good traveler; Katie not so much but I guess she'll either learn to be one or we'll learn to ignore her!

Gracie is the type of child who will sit and do workbooks for long periods of time. She is also very interested in geography and where places are. I want to make up some kind of a states workbook for her to work on while we're in each state. I have started looking around online but I would appreciate it if any of you could send me links to sites that have printable activities I could use to make her workbook. In order to make this something that lasts throughout the trip and not just 2 hours down the road (she's a quick worker!) I'm only going to allow her to work on the activities for 1 state when we're actually in that state. (Unless it looks like we'll only be driving through it at night or something.)

A friend of mine also had a good idea to have her make a scrapbook of the trip as well that she could share at school. So if you Georgians, Alabamians, Mississippians, Louisianians, Texans or New Mexicans have any ideas, send them my way! (I think I may have just made up some words!)


Jenna said...

We just got back from a trip to Arizona. The boys did great! Nate discovered the Wiggles so that helped tremendously! You will have a great time.

jettybetty said...

Yay about the p-a-n-t-i-e-s!

Your trip will be an adventure--is there anything I can help you with from Texas?

Jacinda said...

Yeah, JB....stand on the side of
I-20 and wave!!!!!!!

janjanmom said...

Sent you some websites, hope they help!

elizabeth said...

We took TONS of trips on I-20 growing up! We lived in Abilene and went to visit my grandparents in Alabama several times a year. We always stopped at the same restaurants each time, got excited about crossing the Mississippi in Vicksburg, yelled "YeeHAAA" every time we crossed into Texas. Great memories!

We also do the Dollar Tree prizes for good behavior! I think our days of getting off that cheap are numbered!