Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trick or Treat...smell my feet.......

We had our 1st annual Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat at church tonight. The girls who put it together did a really great job! It was well planned and organized and I think all the kids had a really good time. Katie kept saying afterwards, "I had fun. Daddy have fun?"

Before we left, we took the obligatory Halloween pictures in the front yard. Gracie was Miss Patty Cake this year and Katie was Madeline (that Gracie was last year!) She was going to be a princess/ballerina but I decided to have her be Madeline instead.

We started out at the festival taking some pictures and singing some songs. Then the little kids ate while the bigger kids played games & did a craft, then they switched. After that, we all went for a hayride then ended the night doing the "trunk or treating." Earlier in the day I'd had to explain to Gracie that it wasn't "truck" or treat but "trunk" or treat! She kept saying things about trucks and I finally realized that she was thinking we were saying, "truck" or treat.

I'm not much for dressing up, but Chris wanted to decorate our trunk in a Cowboy theme so I dressed up a little bit. I added a bandana and one of Chris' hats to what I was wearing and that was about the extent of my costume! Chris put out some of his cowboy stuff to make kind of a "cowboy" trunk although there were others much more put together than ours! If you look closely at Katie Boo's forehead in this picture, (click on it to make it bigger) you can see the bruise leftover from this week's accident. It is looking better in some ways because it's not as big but the coloring isn't so pretty! Thursday & Friday were probably the worst days because the grayish/greenish color had spread down into the bridge of her nose and she just had a sickly coloring. It is getting better though!
Chris & I went to our Parent/Teacher Conference yesterday with Mrs. Stauffer and received her report card for the 1st 9 weeks of school. This was her first "official" report card since in Kindergarten it was more of a 'checklist' type report. She did very well~all A's & S's~and we are very proud of her. Even more so than because of the A's is because Mrs. Stauffer said complimentary things about her behavior and said that she was a good role model. That made us very happy and we told Gracie about it. Of course, she didn't know what role model meant but I was happy to explain it. We're blessed with both our girls!
Dear Lord,
Thank you for the blessing of Katie & Gracie. Help us to parent them in the ways you want us to. Help us to be a blessing to them as well. Thank you for the fellowship we had tonight at church with friends.
In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

All the pics are good--but I love the family picture the most! What a great time for kids,huh?

I am so thankful Gracie's teacher had many good things to say (I am not surprised knowing her parents)--but her saying that she is a good role model is sooo wonderful. I believe God is already using her in BIG ways!

MDM said...

Those are precious pictures!! Great little kids are such a blessing, huh? That fall festival looks so cute and fun...we have trunk or treat tonight and maybe, just maybe I will blog! I have gotten very bad about it....I still read your's though. Love, Mandy

elizabeth said...

I love the pictures! The girls look adorable.

Kristen said...

Those a cute costumes on the girls (you guys too). Glad the evening was a fun one for all of you.

And good for Gracie and her report card! I know you are so proud of her.

TMK said...

that looks like it was alot of fun! The girls look so adorable! Love the family picture too.

Anonymous said...

The kids look like they had a blast !!