Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, twin cousin!

Happy Birthday to my "twin cousin," Andrea! (I'm one day late but considering that she never calls me back, I'd say it's okay!)

If anyone understands how much I love my Maw Maw, it's Andrea. I think she & I rival each other in being sentimental! Even though Maw Maw has been "gone" for almost 3 years now, I don't think Andrea & I could have a conversation without mentioning her.

Andrea rarely comments, but she tells me that she reads my blog, so just for her here are my Top 10 things I think of when I think of Andrea:

1. "battling" to see who would get Maw Maw's lap for hair playing time! She almost always made room for both of us!

2. going to Noble Park

3. packing my paper grocery bag with stuff to spend the night with her while I was visiting Maw Maw

4. playing with all the Barbies

5. playing computer games~especially Wheel of Fortune

6. playing pool

7. sighing when yet one more person would call me Andrea or her Jacinda

8. sighing when yet one more person would say, "Now, is this Sandy's or Randy's girl?" (My dad & her mom are twins.) She & I are about 4 1/2 years apart.

9. her dog Barkley attacking me!

10. I think of her often and can't wait for the day when Katie gets to meet her and Gracie gets to know her better. (This picture is from her wedding in October 2003.) I also can't wait for when we finally collaborate on our children's book!

I love you, Andrea! Happy Anniversary to you & your sweet husband Steve in 2 days also! You & Steve are just perfect for each other. I'm so glad God blessed you with him and him with you! May we both aspire to have loving marriages like Maw Maw & Granddad had!


jettybetty said...

You all do look so much alike--amazing for cousins! Happy belated bday to Andrea!

Anne said...

That is so sweet how you loved your "Maw, Maw." You are very blessed to have had that kind of a relationship with her. I bet you miss her a lot.

And COOL- what's your children's book going to be about? Or can you tell us? :)