Friday, October 13, 2006

priceless moment

There's nothing quite like a Friday night "sleepover" with your sister. (Based on the sounds coming from the bedroom, I'm not sure how much longer this sleepover will last!)


Rachel said...

That is so precious!

Andrea Livingston said...

That is such a sweet picture! My photographer sister-in-law would be proud. =)

And you are quick...since it is still Friday night and you are posting about Friday night. Wow.

Also, thanks for the bday and anniversary cards. You are very sweet and thoughtful and I am still trying to channel your ability to get cards sent on time.

Bless you cousin!


Deana Nall said...

What a cute picture!

Let me guess -- that Smokey Bear came from Capitan, N.M.

TMK said...

Too cute!

erin said...

What cuties! I can't wait to love on them. By the way...I think I've picked out SJ's big girl bedding-Sweet Birdies at PBK. Look at it and tell me what you think!

Malia said...