Friday, October 06, 2006

We got lost in the maze!

Last night was a fun time for us. Just the 4 of us went to "Maize Quest at Clinton Sease Farm" and got lost! Of course, getting lost is the whole point of going to a corn maze and we did just that! It was fun and something we'd like to do again. I do think we'd like to go back without the girls next time though. They did really well but it was just real overwhelming after a little bit~for them and for us! We would like to go back with some couples friends and challenge the other couples. The loser could buy the winner dinner! (Alissa~I think you would really like doing this!) Chris teaches the teenagers on Wednesday nights and we also think it would be fun to take a group of them there and have 2 teams challenge each other.

We ended up cheating and asking one of the workers to lead us out. Even after we took off following him, we probably walked for 10-15 more minutes. We thought we were close to the end; guess we were wrong! I asked someone how long it typically takes someone to make their way out on their own and he said they tell people 1 1/2 hours. If someone wants to do all of the stations along the way, it could take 3 hours. I think 1 1/2 hours is pretty optimistic since I think we were in there at least an hour and were nowhere near finding our way out! Of course, the girls slowed us down some but they really were good little troopers throughout most of it.

Gracie enjoyed the "Marshmallow Maze" after we got out of the corn maze. It was hay bales wrapped in white plastic to look like marshmallows. They advertised a hayride but it didn't looke like they were running it last night while we were there. Since we started right about dark, lots of people were using flashlights. The girls enjoyed getting to play with ours. The moon was bright a lot of the time too which helped.

Before we started we were able to get some cute pictures of the girls on the hay bales. I just love Fall! I really wish we could find some sort of farm to pick pumpkins & apples and drink cider and do all those kinds of "fallish" things. I was thinking this place last night might be like that. It wasn't but it was still fun!

(I have more pictures to post but my Kodak program won't open right now. Maybe later.)


Malia said...

Sweetpea has that same shirt that Gracie is wearing. Target right?

The pumpkin farm we go to every fall has a corn maze, too. Last year was the first year I tried to attempt it. My sister and I went in and David stayed out with the kids. It was very confusing and we ended up exiting the maze through the entrance. We saw several people give up and push their way through the corn stalks to just get out of it!

Wasn't the moon just gorgeous last night! Oh my! The weather here has been very autumnal. I had the caramel apple cider from Starbucks last night. It was the perfect addition to a chilly evening.

Alissa said...

Just a few more weeks and you can pick your apples and drink your cider up at the apple orchard near where we go for the retreat. I love that part...and I like to get a caramel apple too...nothing better than some sugary sweetness to go with a crisp fresh apple!

jettybetty said...

What cute fall pictures.

I don't do very well in mazes--I start to panic that I will be stuck in them forever. =-(

Kimberly said...

Your girls are so cute! Isn't fall fun! Corn mazes are fun but Inever have the patience and end up cheating to get out, too!