Friday, October 20, 2006

I love potty training~this time anyway!

How is potty training going for Katie? AWESOME! No lie, this girl has basically potty trained herself. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't put her to bed at night without a Pull Up on and I don't go too far without having an extra change of clothes, but she is seriously doing GREAT! We are soooo proud of her. I kind of had a feeling that she would just decide one day that she was ready and that is pretty much what she has done.

She is not quite to the point of telling me when she needs to go; we still most of the time have to decide for her that it's time to go try but she's not having accidents. Since Monday, she has basically had only 2 accidents! (This doesn't count that she has gone in her Pull Up during a nap or at night, but not even every time.) In the mornings, I have probably taken off her Pull Up within at least an hour and a half of her getting up if not even earlier. She is wearing p-a-n-t-i-e-s all during the day and evening. We have gone to the doctor's office with them on, playgroup, the library, Kroger, the park...all without accidents. I am just truly amazed and grateful! Poor Gracie wasn't nearly as proficient at this as Katie is. I know you're not supposed to compare your children but seriously, the difference is vast! To be fair, there are plenty of things Gracie did at Katie's age and younger that Katie doesn't do yet.
Speaking of the doctor's office.....Katie has had double ear infections this week. She'd been a little under the weather with some fever and runny nose, etc. I really figured it was just a cold and wasn't thinking of taking her in. Tuesday she started really fussing and I said, "Katie, what hurts?!?!" She said, "My ear." Poor thing! This was quite unusual for her to specifically complain about her ear so I almost immediately called to make an appointment. When I got her in, she had 101 and an ear infection in each ear! I was so glad she was able to tell me what hurt! The doctor said it might have just run its course on its own, but since we knew about it he gave her an antibiotic. It has helped tremendously! This is probably only the 3rd & 4th ear infection she's ever had, so I really wasn't even thinking of that as a possibility.
Gracie had her "end of the season soccer party" Tuesday night~in the rain. She was supposed to have a make-up game too but it got rained out so they just had the party and gave out trophies, medals & their pictures. I thought it was sweet that the coach talked about how Gracie had gotten slaughtered in one game and then the very next game wanted to play goalie again! She had such a good time playing but I'll admit that I'm ready for a little break from having games 2 nights a week. We thought about doing basketball but have decided to hold out for now.
Gracie didn't have school today due to a teacher workday. It was sweet to listen to the girls playing together this morning~while I dozed a little. Nice! We ran errands then relaxed around the house. Chris grilled out hamburgers tonight and we had a picnic in the backyard. Nice weather for it. After that we went up to the park and went a lap around the track. Gracie rode her bike for the whole lap which is a mile! I was most impressed with her! Then we stopped at a couple places then came home and watched "Lady & the Tramp II" that we'd checked out from the library. The girls went to bed then Chris & I watched a movie and now here I am blogging. It was nice to be "just" the 4 of us. It seems like we go, go, go so much and it's wonderful to have friends to do things with and church things to go to but it's also sometimes nice to just be with my family. I think there needs to be a balance.
I am continuing to try exercising. Last week I did a total of 7 miles and this week it's been 4. I'd like to go again tomorrow. I feel better when I do it if nothing else.
Tomorrow Gracie has a birthday party to go to for someone from school. It's for twins so we had to buy 2 gifts but I think we found something great~and inexpensive. Gracie has something very similar to it that she got for her birthday and she loves it so I'm hoping it will be a hit. (a bracelet making kit with beads & pearls & charms, etc.) For kids that I know the moms really well, I usually give the gift that the mom is glad to have (like books or educational games) but the actual kid may not be that excited about opening. Since I don't know this mom well or the girls all that well either, I tried to get something that I really thought 7 year old girls would be happy opening.
I don't have anything too deep to say. This is our life, simple but good!


jettybetty said...

YAY on the potty training!

Good to hear ya'll are busy and happy!

Twin bday parties are such blast ;-)!!!

Anne said...

Yep, both of mine did the same thing with potty-training. Probably since I procrastinated on it and they were old.

Em had so many ear infections before the age of 2. I'm glad you haven't had to deal with these TOO much. They are painful- poor little things!

hollyfouts said...

I am jealous of the potty training. Miller is barely 2, and he loves sitting on the potty....but he isn't really very "productive." I see a LONG road ahead of us.

And good job on the exercise. It really does improve your mood and how you feel abour yourself. I also think it's good for your kids to see a mom that takes care of herself.