Wednesday, December 13, 2006

@ Home for the Holidays

I keep forgetting to say a big "thank you" to Meredith Efken for sending me a complimentary copy of her cute new book, @ Home for the Holidays! I enjoyed reading it very much and hope she will continue to write more about these characters. Thank you, Meredith for sharing this book with me! I like what Betty had to say recently about sharing books with friends, so if anyone would like to read this book let me know and I'll send it to you! Of course, I would like to encourage all of the rest of you to purchase the book! (I need to do my part to drum up business for Meredith!)

Another cute Christmas book I've read recently is The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson. I enjoyed it as well. There are a couple others I've seen advertised that I'd like to read. Anyone read them already? The Great Santa Search looks cute as does Blue Christmas. I need some cure, fun, easy reads for our trip (translation: something I can lose myself in when the 2 year old starts fussing in the backseat!!!!!!)
I had big plans for this morning. I had baked 12 mini loaves of chocolate chip banana bread yesterday (4 loaves from each batch so it was only mixing up 3 different batches) and was planning to walk into the school with Gracie to help her deliver them to her "specials" teachers and the custodian. Well, the alarm went off and Chris hit snooze. I thought, "I should probably get up but maybe not quite yet." I did ask him what time it was. 7:00!!!!!!! 7:35 is the late bell! Although I knew we could make it by then, I wasn't sure we would have time to deliver the bread.

Chris stayed home with Katie and I was able to go in with her and she delivered a loaf to "Miss Barbara" the custodian who is soooo nice. I just left the other loaves in a bag on Gracie's desk with a request to Mrs. Stauffer that Gracie deliver the other loaves during the day. I think I will deliver a few loaves to some neighbors today....if I don't eat them all!

We had made these really good pretzel/Hershey kisses/M&M things earlier in the week that she gave to Coach (her favorite specials teacher of course!) and Mrs. Stauffer and the office people. I, of course, have eaten quite a bit of this baking the last few days!!!!!!

I have all of Mrs. Stauffer's Christmas gift purchased and just need to get it all together and I guess Gracie will take Friday morning. I'm excited about it and hope she'll like it. I'm excited about going on the field trip Friday and helping with her party as well. Such a busy, but fun, day!
I am excited about our trip, although nowhere near ready to leave. I get to see my cousin Andrea which I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MDM said...

Maybe our paths will cross In New Mexico as we travel to Texas!!!

Meredith Efken said...

Glad you enjoyed my book, Jacinda! Have safe travels and a lovely time this Christmas. :)