Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tree lighting

Please check out the post down below for pictures we had taken for Christmas. I had put the pictures in a post earlier in the week but just saved them as a draft. As a result, when I finally posted the entry, it put it down as the earlier date that I'd posted the pictures.

Thursday night was the Christmas tree lighting and caroling at Gracie's school. In the group picture (click on it to make it bigger) it is hilarious to see how much smaller Gracie (in the green sweater on the far right) is than the girl standing next to her! These kids are all 1st graders (except for the little on in the front row; she's a teacher's child.) We had a general PTA meeting then each grade level sang a Christmas song then everyone sang some together and lit the tree. It was a bit chaotic, but fun! Katie Boo wasn't so into the Christmas spirit as you can see!

Mrs. Stauffer found Gracie & Hunter and I was able to get a picture of the 3 of them. She was gone to a workshop 3 days this week so she really hadn't been with them too much this week.

Last night, we went to the "Twin Living Christmas Trees" show at one of the local churches. It was really a fantastic show-very moving and focused on Jesus. It is amazing all of the work that goes into a production like that.

This morning, I went up to the school to help set up for the Holiday Store they'll be having next week. I was only able to stay a little while because a lady from church was hosting her annual ladies' brunch & ornament exchange. It was so much fun~and truthfully more fun than setting up the Holiday Store. I did feel bad leaving but I saw our PTA President later in the day and she said it got done and looked great.

This afternoon, Gracie & I did a little Christmas shopping. She had wanted to give money to the bell ringer at Wal Mart the other day and I didn't have any change so she got some of her own money to put in today. Of course, we went to Target which didn't do much good as far as that went, so after shopping we went across the street to Hobby Lobby. She was so excited.

Tonight I'm probably going to work on my Christmas cards and my Bible Class stuff for tomorrow.

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jettybetty said...

So many fun things to do at Christmas time! Sounds like you all are already busy enjoying. Wow, I love Gracie's heart--giving her own money to the bell ringer!