Saturday, January 20, 2007


Tales from yesterday:

*took the van in for some repairs
*a friend picked me up and we headed over to the mall in a nearby town and did some girly shopping
*ate a little too much during the day (but it sure was fun!)
*picked up the van
*came home and picked up the house a little
*took Gracie to a birthday party
*met same friend from above & her family for dinner (not really hungry but of course ate anyway!)
*picked up Gracie from birthday party
*came home and same friends came over; let kids play and we watched Grey's Anatomy & The Apprentice that we'd taped on DVR (Yes, we do have satellite again-a family package-and, I'm getting used to that!)
*Chris put up the princess tent for the girls to sleep in tonight


Anonymous said...

Awwww! Gracie looks so pretty!

Did you cry during Grey's? I did! Do you read the Grey's Writers Blog? Oh my, if you don't or if you haven't for this episode yet, you must! But you'll probably cry again, though!

Paula Harrington said...

I have a Gracie, too!

Glad to find your blog.