Friday, June 29, 2007

new links

I've added a couple of links to my list. One is Suzanne's. She is pregnant with quadruplets and I found myself checking her blog frequently so I just went ahead and added her to my list. So fun to watch and see how she & her babies are all doing!

I also added my good friend, Mary Beth! I am hoping she keeps up with her blog. She is a fantastic, super-loyal, do anything for you kind of friend who I am blessed to know!

I have also added my friend Wanda who writes on a CaringBridge site about her daughter Caroline. Sweet Caroline has been through so much in her short 18 month life and it's about to get even tougher as she faces open heart surgery. Please keep them in your prayers.
It was good for all 4 of us to be back home together this week! Gracie went to a friend's VBS 3 days this week. We had playgroup "water day" Thursday which was lots of fun and today we ventured out to see "Ratatouille" together as a family. We dropped Gracie off at LA's house for a much anticipated sleepover and got home around 5:15. Chris asked if I wanted to put Katie down to which I replied, "No way, not at this hour!" I went out to run a couple of errands and when I got home about 5:45, guess who was passed out on the couch? Katie! Chris is now passed out on the other couch! Looks like the 2 of them will be up late tonight!
Last night, Gracie announced, "I want to call Mrs. Stauffer!" Since it was 11:00 p.m., I convinced her that writing her a letter would be better. Since I didn't have her "snail mail" address, she wrote her an email. She was pleased when Mrs. S wrote her back this morning! I know she liked hearing from her-and soon. Mrs. S said Gracie could call her anytime she wanted to, so I have a feeling she will request to do that soon!
One of my friends has been sweet to lend Gracie some of her "American Girl" books. She has read all of the 'Samantha' ones and 'Felicity' ones. Thursday, she brought her the 'Molly' ones. Of course, she was delighted and speedily read the first 2 of them. I helped her put together some paper to make a 'Molly' booklet and she has started writing a "book report" for this series. I have her using a page per book and writing 5 sentences about each book and putting an illustration. I'm sure I will post pictures of it when she is all done. She reads so quickly-which is great-but I want to make sure she is absorbing the content & doing well with comprehension as well. Of course, I want her to read just for fun as well......which she does plenty of!

I signed her up for art camp this week. She'll be going towards the end of July. She loves drawing and is actually really good so we're both excited for her to go! I also plan to sign her up for soccer for this Fall-busy girl!
My mother-in-law was in New York last week and she showed up on the Today show! Al talked to her & everything!


MDM said...

I have enjoyed catchng up with you, J! Sounds like a fun summer over there and busy, too. I love San Diego so much. We went last summer and I could live there. Sisters are just so fun.

Anne said...

Can you believe it's already July? My DD is going to art camp at the end of the month as well at the local museum. You should post some of her creations on your blog- they'd be fun to see! :)