Saturday, June 23, 2007

sunny California!

So much to write but for now I'll just post a few pictures. We've been in beautiful San Diego, CA for the past week. It is so pretty-perfect weather-and we had a really good time sans kids! We missed them terribly and are so happy to be back together, but it was really fun and they had a great time with Grammer & Pappy!


jettybetty said...

I wondered where you were! Pics are beautiful--can hardly wait to see/hear more about your trip!

Andrea said...

Glad you got back safely. Did you do lots of relaxing and sightseeing? I'm so happy you got to go. I'm already ready for another beach vacation, myself, and I've been home for about 2 weeks!

Miss Hope said...

How cool is all of that!

Speaking of submarines. My hubby does that for a living for this country of ours. I get together with the other "subbie wives" who all talk about touring the subs. They ask me then if I've been on one. No Ma'am!! I have no desire to go in a tube. That's one thing I just can't do! I don't know how my hubby does it on a daily basis!

Great pictures!!