Sunday, June 10, 2007


This past week has been chock-full of VBS preparations which begins TONIGHT! To borrow an expression from the curriculum, "WAHOO!" I am so ready for this to get going! I really hope it is a success for our own children as well as the many visitors we are hoping to have.
My cousin, Andrea, and her husband visited this past weekend, and I am so glad! We were supposed to see each other over Christmas but those plans didn't work out. She surprised me last week by calling my cell phone while I was in Atlanta and saying that they wanted to come visit while they were on vacation. I was excited and hoping it would work out this time. They showed up Thursday evening and it was great!

She & I have been mistaken for each other numerous times over the years. My dad & her mom are twins so I guess it makes some sense. The funny thing is that I have red hair which came from basically nowhere; I think my mom traced it back pretty far in her family-Mom is no blood relation to Andrea. Andrea also has red hair but hers came from her dad who is strawberry blonde. Her dad is no blood relation to me though; he just married my aunt! Pretty strange stuff. Our parent's names are Randall Roy & Sandra Joy---or Randy & Sandy. Whenever I would go to my grandmother's church, someone would say, "Now, is this Randy's or Sandy's?" (insert old people Kentucky twang into that question) We're about 4 1/2 years apart in age but Andrea is quite a bit taller than me so I guess she didn't look that much younger.
The funniest time was at the rehearsal dinner for her wedding. This girl came in and walked right over to me and sat down across from me at the table and just started talking. I didn't know her and I knew good & well that she thought I was Andrea. I just kind of smiled & nodded and finally she kind of gasped and jumped up and walked off quickly! She walked over to Andrea and I heard her telling Andrea what she had just done and how she had thought that was her! I think once we're together, the differences are more obvious, but seeing us apart it throws people off.
We had a good time visiting. It had been about 3 1/2 years since we'd seen each other. I hope it won't be that long again! Steve, her husband, is so sweet and the girls loved playing with him!
Summer has begun, so I guess I need to post some of the annual "playing with water in the backyard" pictures!

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janjanmom said...

HEY!!!! I resemble, I mean resent that KY twang remark!!! LOL