Tuesday, October 09, 2007

violin lessons

Gracie started violin lessons yesterday, and she loved it! She was really nervous which was interesting because she's never been one to be nervous about things. She went to school like she's done it all her life. She played soccer like she knew what she was doing. She goes on sleepovers like she lives at that house. For some reason though, she was nervous about this. She kept making comments about being nervous and thinking she wasn't going to play well and that she would sound horrible. We kept reassuring her that we didn't expect her to know what she was doing yet because it was her first lesson. When she was finished with the lesson, she said she wasn't nervous anymore. *Whew* She loved it and spent lots of time last night practicing which was also interesting!
Katie was so cute when Gracie was showing us how she learned to hold the violin. She'd been playing with one of her alphabet puzzles and she said, "Hey Gracie!" and held up the puzzle piece with the picture of the violin on it. Pretty smart girl!

Chris told Katie when she got older she could take a lesson. He then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to play the drums to which she said, "Yes!" I don't think so!!!!!!


That Girl said...

Your girls are obviously intelligent... and so pretty!

jettybetty said...

You have such a sweet family--
Gracie looks like a natural with that violin--your Katie is so funny!

Miss Hope said...

YaY Gracie!! Keep up the good work!

Girl, I am still blown away at how big our babies are getting. Can you believe they're working on turning 4????