Friday, October 19, 2007

We got lost.....AGAIN!

We went to the corn maze again this year. (This is a map of the maze.) However, this year we actually made it out on our own rather than having to be led out by an employee! Some friends from church went with us; it was really a lot of fun. The kids~our 2 + 2 younger ones~along with a pre-teen & a teen, were all troopers. Gracie was so into it and was very determined that we would make it out. Katie enjoyed being spoiled by the older kids who carried her on their shoulders or backs most of the way! Along with the large maze, there were fun things for the kids like a "marshmallow maze" which was hay bales wrapped in white plastic, a toy tractor course, and pigs & goats to look at. Just in case you're wondering.....NO, my girls did NOT need their jackets. We had brought them just in case, and they both wanted them on. About 15 minutes after Gracie had hers on, she was shedding it and complaining of being hot. It was quite hot!

Other things going on in our life:
*Tomorrow is the Fall Festival at church; the girls are looking forward to that.

*Gracie was very excited to tell me today that she got to touch a real snake in science class. She was quite impressed with the experience.

*Katie told us this week, "Boys are marvelous!" Only I think she said, "marbalous." Either way, where in the world would she get a phrase like that?!?!
*Gracie enjoyed wishing her friend, Hunter, a happy 8th birthday after school today.

*Chris was installed as a deacon at church a couple of weeks ago. We're proud of him and the example he sets with his leadership.

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