Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Shanks #3 likes Sonic Blasts!

*Saw the doctor today. Baby Girl is doing good. She is moving a lot these days. I had a Sonic Blast last night and let's just say, this little girl liked it! She was kicking so hard after that!
*I pulled up early at car line today to get Gracie. As I was pulling up, I saw this cute little girl frantically waving at me from the playground. Gracie & 3 of her friends were playing "detective,"-looking for footprints. It was so cute watching her run around & play with her classmates, and I love that she & some of her classmates were excited to see me and tell me what they were playing.
*Katie stayed with a friend today while I went to the doctor. When I got there, I started visiting and didn't go tell her I had come back. When she came in the room, she was so happy to see me. That made me feel good!
*We had a good prayer group this morning for the 3rd week in a row! The group is rather small but very consistent in the ones who are attending. I especially liked the prayer led by one of the women which was so positive. I find myself sometimes praying more for the things I'd like help with. Her prayer was so full of thankfulness which I appreciated. Katie had a great time playing with the 2 little girls who came, and they all got along so well which is nice!
*I mailed Gracie's Reading Rainbow story today and had to buy one of the big envelopes to put it in. The man weighed the envelope and told me how much it was and I wrote him a check. He then told me that he had forgotten to charge me 42 cents for the envelope. I didn't have that cash, so I asked him if he wanted me to write another check and include it. The lady next to me said that no, she would pay the 42 cents. How nice!
*I had an awesome lunch today prepared by the friend who watched Katie. Chicken Enchiladas & Ooey, Gooey Butter Cake. YUMMO!!!!!!!!!!


Erica said...

Glad to hear that #3 is doing well and has good taste in her cravings. She has to be so smart if she already likes Sonic:)

Also you can never go wrong with ooy-gooy butter cake. You nade me hungry just reading about it. Glad you are doing all continue to be in our prayers for a healthy baby girl.

Krista said...

Enjoyed chatting with you the other day! YAY!!! for your prayer group meeting 3 times now!! That's GREAT!! Isn't it SO nice to have such wonderful, thoughtful, caring friends in our lives . . . we are enjoying several meals that special friends have been bringing us over the past few days also; the meals have been SO helpful & SO yummy! I must say though that ooy-gooy butter cake sounds good too . . . but I can't have it . . . still trying to lose the remainder of my prego #3 weight!! =) BTW, we listened to a 'sample' of your brother's group . . . sounds good. Are they just doing local gigs right now?

jettybetty said...

Sounds like things are wonderful at house--so thankful you have so much to enjoy!