Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Katie has the "coughies."

Katie is home from MDO today because she has a nasty cough and her nose has started running, too. We've had lots of flu going around-at least 6 people at church have had it and Gracie had 7 in her school class out yesterday and 6 out today. Yuck! Both my girls got the flu mist "shot," but I know at least 4 of the kids at church who had the flu had gotten the shot too. I don't think Katie's is the flu-at least not now-because she's had this cough for about a week; it's just gotten worse the last day or 2. Her nose started running last night too. Yuck! I had plans to take a friend out for lunch to celebrate her birthday today, so those plans had to be changed. I told her we could still go but Katie would be with us; we opted to wait for another time when it could just be the 2 of us. It'll be more relaxed that way.
A friend of mine offered to let me borrow her baby bedding for our new little baby! I had mentioned to her that I might splurge and buy something new & girly for this baby, and she said that I could borrow what she'd used for her little girl-she's about to have a little boy in April. She showed it to me and I brought part of it home to see if it would match some of the things that are already painted in the room. It works great! I am so excited about it! The cornice board in that room is blue, so I love that there is some blue in the bedding to pull that out. The walls are green and the curtains are pink. It all just goes together perfectly! I LOVE the fabric of the changing pad cover and the Boppy cover. It is sooooooo soft! I love having good friends!
Here is a picture of my 2 goofy girls!
Please keep my grandfather in your prayers-he will be having heart valve replacement surgery on the 12th in Huntsville, AL.


K. Pirkle said...

Jacinda, I know what you meant in earlier blogs about having 3 girls. my sister in law was pregnant with her 3rd boy when I was pregnant with Hannah. She was so convinced that she was having a girl, and when she found out she was having a boy at 20 weeks, she was really sad for a few days. My brother was telling people not to even call her. Now of course, she admits that she is embarassed for being so upset and she is happy with her 3 boys, but sometimes our feelings can get the better of us until we gain perspective. We didn't know what we were having with any of our girls. I think if I had found out that Hannah was a girl before I had her, I would have been disappointed no matter how much I tried not to be. I knew that would be our last pregnancy. And when Hannah came out and I knew she was a girl, I was so excited and wouldn't have changed her for anything. Afterward though, I had to grieve for the little boy I always wanted. I didn't grieve that I had 3 girls, I more had to grieve that a little boy that looked like Aaron, that "I" had planned on for a child, wasn't going to happen. I grieved that a pregnancy was not going to be happening again for us. I knew at that time that we would be adopting, and God took my grief and turned it into anticipation and excitement for our next child. And after all that grieving over not having the chance to raise a boy too---we decided on adopting a girl. So, we can't deny our selfish feelings, but we can confess them, laugh at them, and move on and realize that perhaps God has even bigger plans for us than we had. Hope you enjoy your 3 girls as much as we have enjoyed ours - they are so much fun.

Adam said...

Hi Jacinda,

As a former, double heart valve replacement patient... I will keep your grandfather in my prayers.

I hope he does great with his heart valve replacement surgery.

All the best,

Author Of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery

Matt Elliott said...

Just got the word about your grandfather, Jacinda. I'm so sorry to hear about it. Please know that we're praying for your whole family as you grieve this terrible loss.

Much love from ATL ~