Thursday, January 31, 2008

healthy baby girl!

I went back to the doctor today and things went well. Baby Girl Shanks #3 is doing great! (Sorry Krista-I know you keep asking about names, but we're not to the decision point yet!) I had an ultrasound to check on something the doctor wanted to keep an eye on, and he said everything looked great! He even said I won't need the 26 week u/s because today's showed that the potential problem from last time had corrected itself. As much as it would have been fun to have another u/s, I'm glad he's not worried about it. I think I will have another one at 32 weeks.

I'm a little afraid he's going to be out of town when I deliver. :-( I asked him when he would schedule my c-section. I was just curious. We looked at the calendar together, and he said probably just 1 week early, maybe 1 extra day before that. (June 26) He said something about "regulation" saying it shouldn't be earlier than 2 weeks early which I assured him was fine. I want my little girl to stay in as close to her due date as possible to get strong & healthy-as long as everything is going well for both of us. (I'm having a c-section because I've had 2 previous ones.) I said something about whether or not he would be in town and he mentioned that he might go out of town the week before that! aaaggghhh! Gracie & Katie both came on their own-no one's schedule but theirs & God's-so I'm nervous that this little one will try to kick her way out when he's out of town. Yikes! I really, really, really hope he'll be in town. My doctor with Katie was out of town and it made for an experience that was very less than ideal. I am going to be at a different hospital this time that I think will give me a much better experience overall and the whole practice in general is 90% better so far, so I'm hopeful that even if he is gone I will be well taken care of.
I bought quilts for Gracie & Katie today! After looking around at stores and online, I decided to get these that I'd seen at Target. I'd kind of wanted stripes rather than patchwork, but I loved the colors in these. Now I can choose the paint color and start bugging Chris to get to work! LOL We'll probably go with a light pink.
Two more 'scatterbrained' examples: Yesterday I put on some water to boil. After a few minutes, I sent Gracie in to see if it was boiling yet. It wasn't. I went to check on it a few minutes later and I hadn't turned the eye on! Thinking I was pretty dumb, I turned it on. I left the room and went back to check on it again a few minutes later, only to see the eye behind it bright red! Yes, I had now turned on the wrong eye! Goodness grief!

Today, I parked in my friend's steep driveway and put on the emergency brake. I took my foot off the brake and the car rolled backwards. I was wondering why that had happened, then I realized that I hadn't put the car in park!
Tonight, we heard Katie banging on something in her room. Chris said she was "fixing" her kitchen. She loves her Handy Manny tools she got for Christmas.


Amy Woods said...

Love the quilts! I'm so glad your sono went well. I had a couple of things they were keeping their eye on when i was pregnant and I really hated that. So I'm glad you can rest easy!

Krista said...

I know, I know!!! =) That's the 'planner' in me! I can't wait to go shopping for you! I guess you still have some time left . . seeing as how today's only Feb. 1st and you've got 5 more months to go!!! BTW, Shanksie #3 might come around Briley's birthday, June 27th! Hey, I love the quilts you got for the girls! Can't wait to see pictures of their room when it's finished! =)

MDM said...

Yeah for healthy baby girls!! I am so excited for you and for me to find out what you name her, what she looks like, etc.!! So fun. Cute quilts! Can't wait to see pix.

Colter & Elizabeth Lewis said...

Somehow I came across your blog and wanted to say "hi". Wow...three girls, your husband is definitely out numbered! Congrats on your healthy pregnancy and I hope everything continues to go well. I look forward to your future blogs! We finally joined in on the blog thing a couple of weeks ago and it has been really great finding fellow ACU friends.

TMK said...

cute quilts! that will be a cute room.
Glad your baby is growing healthy. take care of yourself!

Kimberly said...

Love love love the bedding! And sweet little Katie fixing her kitchen!
At least you have an excuse for pregnancy brain!!
Glad to hear all is great with Baby girl #3!