Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great start to 2008!

We started yesterday with our visit with our friends from American Samoa. Gracie continued having a fun day by going to the movies with a friend. She had been invited a couple of days earlier, and she'd been looking forward to it. LA & her mom, along with her sister & a friend, were waiting for her when we arrived, and she had a great time. That night, some friends from church came over to help us bring in the New Year. It was a pretty quiet night. Well, as quiet as it can be when we have 5 combined kids 7 & under between the 2 families! We also had visits from 3 different groups of teenagers & chaperones from church. The teens were having a lock-in & scavenger hunt, and one of their assignments was to come to our house and play dress up & have a tea party. They also had to sing, "I'm a Little Teapot." It was pretty funny seeing teenage boys sitting on the floor with Katie's Mickey Mouse blanket, "drinking" tea, and wearing dress up clothes!

Today, Chris had a big day. He left town around 6:15 to drive to Jacksonville for The Gator Bowl. His beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders were playing, and since it was only a mere 4 hour and 15 minute drive each way, he bought some tickets and went! He is happy that they won at just about the last minute! As I'm writing this, he is about 5-10 minutes from home. It's been a long day for him but a good one. He also won something with his program. He had to give them his address & stuff and someone there said they think it's a refrigerator! Whoo hoo! If it's a nice one, we may just keep it. However, if it's not something we really need, we may try to sell it or trade it in or something and put it towards some bunk beds for the girls! One of the funniest things is that he happened to see 3 guys we'd been at ACU with. They all live in TX and had gone to law school at Tech, and they'd flown over for the game. What are the chances?!?!

My friend Mary Beth invited the girls & I over for dinner, so we happily agreed. Brett, her husband, was watching the game so I watched his reaction to know what was going on since I know virtually nothing about football. They pulled it out at the last minute so that was good. Chris has just gotten home, sunburned & with less of a voice than he left with this morning.

Happy New Year everyone! We have one more day of no school then it's back to the schedule. The break's been nice, but I guess it has to come to an end. Chris is supposed to go back to work tomorrow-he's been off since the 21st. I'm not sure he's going to make it in; maybe he'll make his first day Thursday!

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