Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sugar & Spice and everything nice!

Some of the words from a book I bought today:

If you weren't my little girl, there'd be a hole in the world.

If you weren't my little girl, there'd be a hole in our home.

If you weren't my little girl, there'd be a big hole in my heart.

For God gave you to me. You're special, you see.

Yes, God has blessed us with another precious, healthy, baby girl!

"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


elizabeth said...

We have that book!

I have so many friends who have three girls! What fun they will have together.

What a blessing to have a healthy baby. Congrats!

That Girl said...

So happy for all of you.

hollyfouts said...

Such wonderful news. I am just now catching up on the last few entries. I wanted another girl so badly when I was pregnant with Miller. I just couldn't imagine having a boy and wanted 2 girls since they were going to be so close in age. Anyway, now that are family is what it is I can't imagine it any other way. Miller is just the perfect little boy for our family, the perfect middle kid, etc. I don't think you should feel one bit guilty for being honest about your feelings or desires. To be open and honest just shows us that God knows us better than we know ourselves. I can think of so many times when God answered a prayer differently than I had wanted him to and His will was what was best for our family.
I have said several times in the past that I would never ever live in Louisiana. But then God presented us with an opportunity that we had to take, and now we have been here for 2 years and don't want to leave.
Anyway all of that rambling may not make any sense. But I am sure that when you hold that sweet baby girl you will not be able to imagine anything better. You will know that God has created the perfect little family for you.

Julie said...

Oh Congrats, Jacinda! How much fun will those girls have growing up together - it will be like a slumber party every night! :) Maybe we can bring you a little boy back from Ukraine....
(TOTALLY kidding, of course!:)
Many blessings for your pregnancy and your little pink bundle of joy!

Krista said...

Hey girl! It's about 11:30 PM, just got home & got your email . . . I HAD to check your blog before I went to bed!! CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS, JACINDA, GRACIE & KATIE!!! SO, a girl it is!!! YEA!!! We are SO happy for you all! This little darling . . . another gift from the Lord will be such a blessing to you all . . . and a great addition to an already wonderful, Godly family!!! Okay, SO NOW, we need to know a name!! You know me, Miss Planner, I want to go on ahead & get things personalized!! =) Well, congrats; we look forward to seeing her! LOVE you guys! Bret, Krista, Blake, Beau & Miss Briley!!!

Jenna said...

Congratulations!! So happy for you guys!

I prayed so very hard for a girl during my last pregnancy but God wisely gave me my sweet Nate. I was never sad about him, but I was sad that I would never have a daughter (if that makes any sense). I know that you will cherish this baby just like your other girls. You are a wonderful and loving mom and your children are truly blessed. The way you teach your children to love God is an inspiration to me. Maybe we can be in-laws someday ;)

Malia said...

Awww!! Congratulations!

Kimberly said...

We have that book, too and it is soo true! I love those words!
Congratulations on another sweet healthy baby girl!
I know without a doubt that your 3 girls are going to be so blessed by having you guys as parents. You are just doing such a good job with the first two God must have wanted you to have another to raise to add another wonderful Godly woman to the world!
I want to know what the girls thought about the appointment and about having another little sister!?

SG said...

So Sweet! How fun! I have several good friends who have three girls and a few good friends who came from a family of three girls. All love / loved it! Congrats!

(Not to mention the $/time you will save with toys, decor and hand-me-downs!)

TMK said...

Congratulations! You have the most beautiful girls. God knew there needed to be more of those precious girls in the world. Congratulations on your healthy baby girl!

Erica said...

Congratulations! I am so excited that the Lord has blessed all of you with another healthy baby girl. I would love to have a third girl but my husband says we are done. I am sure that you will all be blessed beyond measure:)

MDM said...

3 girls will be so much fun! My best friend growing up had two sisters and I so wanted to be one of them!!!

Lisa said...

Congratulations!!!!! Very excited for you guys. I am an only child and always wanted sisters. Its neat that your girls will get to experience that. I think there is something special about the bonds of same sex siblings. Also, on your names, I like Ashlyn and Hollyn for first names. I actually think Hollyn is beautiful! So glad to hear your all doing well too.