Wednesday, January 23, 2008

and the list grows on.......

I've added some more people to my links list.

Leslie-an ACU alum. I didn't know her at ACU but ran across her blog awhile back. She's a few years younger than me. We did happen to be in the same social club (Go Siggies!) and she just had her 3rd little girl! That sealed the deal for me in deciding that she needed to be on my official links list as I'm sure I'll be reading her blog more often now to get tips on being the mother to 3 girls!

Britney-also an ACU alum but also a Greater Atlanta Christian alum. More than that, she is the "baby sister" of one of my best friends since 8th grade. Britney was one of those "cool" little sisters-you know the kind, she didn't bug us when Tracy & I would hang out. Always a sweet one! She is also only about 2 weeks ahead of me as she anticipates the birth of her 1st child!

Ashlee-an ACU alum that I stumbled across last week. We were actually in the same class and the same social club as well. I don't find too many blogger ACU alum from my actual class (Class of '95-I'm old!) so I was excited to find her!


TMK said...

Ah, ACU! It was the best of times wasn't it?

Jaime said...

Um, are you a little biased?