Sunday, January 27, 2008


I know they say pregnant women are known for being forgetful, but this is getting ridiculous! LOL Some examples:
~The other day I was looking for my keys while I was at home. Guess where they were? In the front door-on the outside-of course. We'd been home for hours, and I think I'd taken a nap thinking that the girls & I were safely inside our home!
~Another time Katie & I were at playgroup, and I got up to get something. I'd been holding my cell phone & keys so the little babies wouldn't pick them up & carry them off. I sat back down and had my phone but not my keys. I stood there saying, "Where are my keys? I just had them!" Guess where they were? In my hands!
~When we got home from Life Group tonight, I got out of the car carrying a large duffle bag where I'd stashed things for our group, along with Gracie's Bible. I said, "Where is my purse? I guess I didn't bring it." I kept looking in the car and decided I had left it at home and would find it when we went inside. Chris said he thought he'd seen it in the car, so I was thinking one of us was going to have to drive back to our friends' house to get it. However, after a few minutes Chris pointed out where my purse was. Guess where it was? In my hands!
~Tonight, I was browing Gracie's book order and making my "wish list" of books to choose. I made my decision on which ones I would order for her and was adding it all up. I've never been a math genius, but I'm not ignorant. However, I had to double check with Chris on how much 9x3 is! Granted, I was correct in what I thought it was, but I felt I needed to check with him before I finished adding the book prices.
~Tuesday night is our "Family Enrichment Night" at school that I help coordinate for PTA. I've been busy confirming presenters for the evening, emailing with the teacher who coordinates a lot of the event, typing rosters, making posters, etc. I had typed the word, "location" on the posters. I double checked with Chris at least twice to make sure I had spelled the word correctly. When it comes to spelling, I do consider myself to be GOOD (unlike math!) but on at least one of the posters it just didn't look right. I would be MORTIFIED if I spelled something wrong on something "official" associated with this event. It is one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES to see things misspelled. It was spelled correctly, but seriously, I was second guessing myself.
I just had to record these things because I really find them to be humorous and yet another reminder that I am pregnant! I am trying to enjoy every minute of this since I know it will most likely be my last time to enjoy a blessing of this type! I have another ultrasound this Thursday, so I am excited to see our little girl again! Remember, I'm still taking suggestions for names.......


Julie said...

When I was pregnant with Garrett, I was making brownies one day (company coming for dinner). I was doubling the recipe. Yes, recipe, not a box (that was my first mistake!). I poured the batter in the pan, then realized I had forgotten one of the eggs. No biggie - I just whipped an egg up a little, and mixed it into the batter that was in the pan. I then put the brownies into the over and set the timer. 10 minutes later, I realized I had not doubled the sugar. So, out the brownies came and in the sugar went. The outides were sort of done, but I just stirred it in as best I could, and returned them to the oven. Needless to day, they were not my best - a little gritty from the sugar. My friends still tease me about that story... :)

TMK said...

At least you have an excuse!!!
Just wait until you have 3 kids and nothing gets better. (he he) My husband has learned to just laugh it off with me. Silly, overloaded mind, me!

Rachel said...

Hey Jacinda,
I'm looking for a new OBGYN in the Aiken area. You seem really pleased with yours, could you give me his/her name? Thanks!

Lisa said...

We HAD to know each other at some point, we were at all the same places at the same time! I just read your comment on Mandy's, I was in that Nelson 3rd floor act! All those girls remained my main core group of friends but I did not pledge. They were all Kojies. Holly (Langley) is my best friend since highschool. This blog world is freaking me out! BTW, I have looked for my keys while they were in MY HAND while NOT being pregnant! I am an idiot.

Rachel said...

qwertytigger @ gmail . com

Krista said...

I think some absentmindedness stayed after child #3 . . . or maybe one of my good friends was right when she said we just have too much going on! Anyhow . . . any closer on a name?