Saturday, January 12, 2008

another tooth gone!

Friday-I took a friend to breakfast for her birthday. It's always good to have an excuse to go out to eat, right? We then hit Old Navy where we enjoyed a fantastic sale! Chris left work early since he was working on his official day off, so he was able to pick Gracie up from school which was nice for me, especially since it was rainy & icky out. Chris enjoyed a good laugh when they got home and I had fried up some bacon & scrambled some eggs and put it all together with tortillas, cheese, & salsa to make some breakfast burritos. YUM! I think he enjoys a good laugh at my expense when it comes to my cravings!

Later, after naptime for all of us except Gracie, we went back to Old Navy for Chris to look around then went to the Dollar Tree. I wasn't really hungry due to my late lunch of breakfast burritos, but Chris & Gracie were-Katie wasn't too hungry either. We ended up going somewhere and I got a salad-it felt good to actually eat something at least semi-healthy since most of my cravings don't fall into that category, although I have been enjoying large glasses of cold milk!

The rest of the night was spent at home. I'm really enjoying the book I'm reading, "Home to Holly Springs." We watched t.v., the girls played, and Chris & I watched "Prefontaine." It won't be making my top 10 list of movies, but it was okay I guess.

Saturday: As usual, the girls were up well before us this morning! We were pretty lazy this morning, well except for the girls who were very busy playing. Later, the girls & I headed to a yard sale being held to raise funds for Carley, a little girl at Gracie's school who is suffering from a brain tumor. As you can imagine, even with insurance, the medical bills mount up quickly. Katie was thrilled with the Nemo chair she bought and just had to take it to the park with us to sit on while she ate lunch.

Since her other front tooth was so loose, Chris & Gracie worked on that. *goodness grief* The girl really invests some drama into this experience. I've never heard such hysterics come from her! It was time to come out though, so it's good that it's out. I tease her, but I think she looks precious with both of those front teeth gone!

We enjoyed watching the girls play on the playground when we went later for a picnic.I don't think I've ever seen that many people at the park. It was definitely good weather for it! Gracie has been very proud of her monkey bar abilities which she has been practicing at school. This was only the first or second time I've seen her do it, and she did great! Chris is comforting Katie here after he scared her by holding her up high while she on the swing and not letting her go!

One thing we're trying to practice with Gracie is her bike riding. She still can't ride without her training wheels, and I really blame us, not her. We don't take her out to practice near enough! Chris is working on it with her. Learning from our mistakes, we will definitely start earlier with Katie on this skill! Here is Katie helping Gracie. She said she is helping her stop. She cracks us up! Oh, and by the way, that is a straw in Chris's mouth-he loves to chew on straws. I told him it looked like something different.The rest of the day should be spent pretty quietly. Church tomorrow. Looking forward to going to the doctor next week and then Gracie has a 4 day weekend next weekend!!!!!!!!

I read about "Shelfari" from Elizabeth. I'm working on mine, although it's not working exactly right.

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Lisa said...

What great pics! Losing lots of teeth there?! Also, LOVE the new bunk beds you ordered! How fun for the girls! I am excited to hear what you are having! What was the first heart rate?