Monday, December 31, 2007

all the way from American Samoa

~updated with some more pictures of our time spent together today~
This little cutie is coming over to play this morning. He and his mom & sisters are in town visiting from American Samoa, and I got the privilege of having him in my Bible Class. Today they're coming over to visit for a little bit. I asked if it would too weird for them to put their arms around each other for the picture. They agreed it would be too weird! Funny how 8 year old little boys think, huh?!?! I think Gracie would have done it! She's so used to having "friends who are boys" that she's grown up with that I don't think she would have thought too much of it. Colt on the other hand, being an 8 year old boy, wasn't too sure about the idea. Which is okay with her father, I'm sure! :-)

Philip, I told Jaime I would put on my blog, with the hopes that you'll read it, that Colt put you in our class prayer journal yesterday. He wanted me to put in there a request that you wouldn't be too lonely. Very sweet!
Here's the whole gang: Colt, Gracie, Katie, Ally, & Julia Colt & Gracie picked up like they play together all the time. I was a little afraid they might not connect since I thought their interests might be really different. However, they seemed to have a great time. Gives me hope for a future marriage one day perhaps?!?! :-) They enjoyed looking at the new anatomy book Gracie got, along with a cool one that shows the brain lighting up and you can hear the heart beating.
Here they were playing basketball in the backyard. Neither one of them have been gifted with height, but they still had fun!
Katie thought Julia was her very own live baby doll. They got along great together....most of the time anyway! :-)
We enjoyed visiting with them and look forward to having them come back again this summer!


Philip Murphy said...

That is very sweet.

Next time, I'll make sure I send Colt with some pick up lines... "Your Bible or mine?"... "You know... Samson's first bride was probably 12."

MB said...

i guess H has been replaced! i guess its time for him to move on!

Krista said...

Hey girl! Got your message . . . you are right . . . I'm shocked you guys are thinking about finding out what you are having!!! But you know me . . . I think it's GREAT!!! You should find out!!! I cannot wait to hear what you're having, so if and when you discover the sex of that sweet baby, then let us know!!! Don't worry, if it's a boy, I've got your back!!! =) Yes, you and I do think similarly on the issue!! Hey, I enjoyed the new post! One of these days, we'll get together for some catching up and for our kiddos to play together!! Later ~ K

jettybetty said...

Happy new year to you, too!
I guess we will both be adding to our families this year!!

janjanmom said...

Go marriage arrangement! I love it! Now to brainwash my girls to love it too!