Thursday, December 27, 2007

~Merry Christmas 2007~

~updated with a pic of Gramps & Gramme~

Christmas 2007 has come & gone, and it's been a good one! I hope it has been good for all of my blog friends as well.

We picked up Chris's parents at the airport the Friday before Christmas, and the girls have really enjoyed having grandparents around for a whole week! My parents also came & stayed Monday & Tuesday, although they did stay in a hotel at night. So, the girls had all 4 grandparents here which makes for some happy, perhaps spoiled, little girls!

Christmas Eve, we enjoyed enchiladas made by my mother-in-law. This has become somewhat of a tradition for us if we're together. She makes them New Mexico style-flat with a fried egg on top-quite yummy!

Christmas morning was exciting for the girls of course! Gracie is wise to the whole Santa thing, but not Katie of course, and it's still fun to "play Santa" even if they are wise to it. So....Santa left Katie a Little Einstein "Pat Pat Rocket" and Gracie got "Molly"-one of the American Girl dolls. I had gone back & forth on whether or not to "invest" in Molly. After seeing Gracie's expression and the thankfulness & awe she had upon seeing her, I think I'd buy her all of them if she wanted them! I don't think the picure accurately shows her face, but when she saw Molly sitting in the chair, she raised her hands to her mouth in awe, and I really think she had tears in her eyes-which made me get tears in my eyes of course! I think she came & hugged me and then hugged Chris before she even actually went to play with the doll. She has expressed her extreme thankfulness multiple times since Christmas morning! She truly does love her-and they look so similar-so cute! Both girls got many gifts from us & other family members as well of course.

We had kind of a "snacky" Christmas breakfast then some snacky things mid-day then our "big" dinner later that afternoon. We went a little off tradition and had brisket, mashed potatoes, baked beans, rolls, & salad. It was good!

We actually put up all the Christmas stuff today. While we had my in-laws here, we figured we'd take advantage of the help and get it all put away. Tonight, Chris & I are going on a date! Below are some pictures of the festivities!

Putting out reindeer foodsnuggling down Christmas Evebeing woken up Christmas morningtrying out her new scooter
one of Gracie's funny gifts-a horse glasses holder!

happy with Grammer & Pappyhappy with Gramps & Gramme too!


Alissa said...

Love all the pictures! I especially love the expression on Katie's face in that last one, the one of her in "Mr. K's" lap. So funny! I am glad your Christmas was great. My little ones enjoyed themselves this year! It was a bit crazy, but fun!

Love and miss

TMK said...

Cute! Love her expression of seeing the new doll. I remember feeling like that when I was a little girl. Do you know what you are having? How are you feeling? Happy New Year!

Krista said...

Enjoyed looking at your updated pictures!! I love their matching pj's . . . so cute! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! Hope you all have a GREAT start to 2008!

PS ~ How are you feeling? Thinking of you . . . =)

Chris and Gretchen said...

I can't believe it took me this long to realize you had a blog! Your girls are adorable and look JUST like you when you were a kid. It's good to see a picture of your folks. Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and congratulations on the next baby! How exciting!

Kimberly said...

I've heard the best gift a parent can recieve is greatfulness and this is a great example! I got chills hearing you describe Gracie's excitement as well! I know I say this all the time but Such sweet girls you have!
Glad you guys had a wonderful xmas!!