Sunday, December 09, 2007

our new dog!

The Christmas holidays are upon us and I'm sitting here next to my baby who has been sick this weekend. My first baby that is. It started in the middle of the night Friday night when Katie started "frowing up" in her bed. She threw up twice and was quite hot. I guess about 4:00, Chris put her back to bed and she slept the rest of the night. The next morning, she seemed to feel fine-maybe a little hot-but was acting like her normal, crazy self. Only now, Gracie said her tummy felt bad, her head really hurt, and she was now hot. That's what you call sharing between sisters! They did both get the "flu mist" this past week so it could possibly side effects from that-who knows?!?!

Gracie never has actually thrown up, thankfully, but she is still feeling "icky" to use her own medical term. Once she takes Motrin, she'll feel better but then gets down again although today has been somewhat better than yesterday. I'm thinking I may keep her home tomorrow so she can get some strength back. When she is sick she gets really lethargic and just lays around, poor thing.

Chris wasn't feeling great yesterday either, so we arranged for him to stay home this morning while Katie & I went to church. Tonight, I'm staying home with Gracie while Katie & Daddy go to church. I have been taping multiple Christmas movies from the Hallmark channel, so we're watching one now.
Last Saturday, Chris & I went on a progressive dinner with friends from church. I guess there were about 14 of us. It was a lot of fun, and the girls enjoyed staying home with someone from church who was nice enough to come babysit so we could enjoy our evening.

We started out at one house for appetizers where we enjoyed "bacon balls" (think sausage balls except made with bacon instead of sausage), brownies, little roll-up sandwiches, etc. We then traveled to another house where we ate salad, potato soup, and some ate broccoli cheese soup. We enjoyed "Chicken Marsala," some wonderful green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls & some had sweet potatoes at a different house for our entree. Last, but not least, we traveled to another house for desserts where I enjoyed some "buck-eyes." There were other desserts available, but honestly, I was stuffed by that point!

We also watched some people play Wii and we exchanged gifts. Gifts that we found in our house but didn't particularly want. The funniest thing is that the gift we got was a stone dog. We brought it home and placed it under the Christmas tree. Guess what happened next? Katie fell in love with our stone dog! She named it "Done" (rhymes with "cone") She was eating a doughnut when she "met" the dog, so naturally, thinking like Katie thinks, she named the dog, "Done"-short for doughnut I guess! Gracie wanted to name it Husky though, so the dog officially has 2 names. It's not uncommon to see play food in front of the dog. Isn't it funny the things that make our kids happy?!?!?
This last Friday night, we went to a local church where we watched their Living Christmas Tree production and ate a late dinner with friends afterwards. Yesterday, we didn't do a whole lot because of the sickness in the house, although Chris did go grocery shopping.

I've gotten some Christmas shopping done, but alas, there is always more to do!

I have my next doctor's appointment this Friday. Hard to believe it's already time for another one. I look forward to it, but being who I am, I am nervous and would appreciate any prayers that this little one will still be growing as he/she should be. Crazy to think that next Christmas we'll have a baby in the house! Crazy, but fun!


jettybetty said...

What darling dresses--hope everyone is feeling perkier by now. How exciting to have a new baby next Christmas--I am praying for you all.

Krista said...

Hey!!! Sorry to hear the 'bug' hit your house! It's been going around here as well! I'll be thinking of you this Friday while you're at your doctor's appt! Yeah . . . you'll be next Christmas where we are this Christmas . . . with three kiddos instead of two! It's absolutely wonderful . . . such a BLESSING from the Lord! Have a GREAT week!

SG said...

I love babies!And Ella Kate was so much fun last year...this year is a tad harder. She has unwrapped a few presents and rearranges our tree ornaments daily... We will be two years ahead of you.

Kimberly said...

I love their dresses! They are adorable sweet sisters!