Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas party!

I must post the obilgatory school Christmas party picture. I was a little nervous about the party because I had kind of planned it and I felt I wasn't terribly creative with my planning. Also, due to family illness, Mrs. Zimmerman wasn't there today and I didn't know what kind of substitute would be in the room. The sub ended up being one of the aides who works in the school, and she seemed very good. Gracie said something about her being, "a little strict on the talking though," to which I replied that that is probably a good thing!

So many parents contributed items for the party which was very appreciated. We also had 5 parents in addition to myself come help. We read a cute book, "Mooseltoe," (which they had read just today in library!), but most of them seemed to enjoy it again. They ate, we unscrambled some Christmas words, played Christmas bingo, sang some songs (which was not entirely successful!), and colored a moose picture to look like the one in the story. The rest of the time was spent chatting & packing up for a 2 WEEK SCHOOL VACATION!

I had cleaned house this morning so I was pretty tired after doing that and then doing the party, so I napped this afternoon. Chris had gotten off work early so he could pick up Katie from Mother's Day Out.

This picture just makes me laugh a little because have you ever seen more typical 2nd grade boys?! Believe me, they act like it too! I guess it makes me smile a little because it reminds me of some of my former students.
A funny thing Gracie said about Santa: "He could go on Biggest Loser!" We were reading a book called "Santa's Stuck" where Santa ate so many treats that he got stuck in the chimney. I said something about him needing to go on a diet and Gracie laughed and made the comment about him going on Biggest Loser. Guess what finale we're watching tonight?!??!

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