Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ellie Hollyn is 1 month old!

Today is Ellie's 1 month birthday! We are truly blessed to have our little girl as part of our family~she is loved & a blessing from God!

Her nicknames are "Ellie Roo" and "Ellie Belly." We know that "Ellie Belly" probably won't be appreciated when she gets older, but it just comes out so easily and sounds so cute at this age.

She has started putting weight on her legs when we hold her up and is starting to smile which is adorable. Her hair has started falling out on top which makes her look somewhat like a little old man!It is precious when her big sisters talk to her and she stares at them. I just wonder what she's thinking.

She is doing a tad better at night. Still getting up of course but not quite as often and is going back down somewhat better after eating. She is still mainly sleeping in her bouncy seat but has taken a few naps in just her bed.

She sleeps pretty much everytime we get in the car which is good since with 2 older sisters and living in a big city she should be spending lots of time in it! She enjoyed going to church for the first time Sunday.

Here are some 1 month pictures of our sweet little girl.


That Girl said...

I love her little expressions!

Jill said...

She is precious! Wow, this past month has really flown by! I'm glad you guys are all doing well! You will be able to get Julia, Sara, and Kim's blogs from my link list.

Krista said...

OH . . . She's such a doll! I just want to squeeze her little, newborn cheeks!! Can't wait to see her in person! =)

Love you guys ~

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Such a beautiful little girl!

Kimberly said...

She is just absolutely precious! I love to see your girls doting on her as well! I can't get over how fast her 1st month has gone by (probably because I've been a bad blogger).

Erica said...

What a little doll! I am so glad that you are all adjusting to the new addition well. The pictures of all three girls are precious.