Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy 8th birthday, Gracie!!!!!!
(more later)


Amy Woods said...

Jump on over to my've been tagged!! You're welcome!!

Krista said...

Happy belated birthday, Gracie!

~ From, Blake & Beau!

Hey . . . we might need to make a quick trip back to H-town in a few weeks . . . we need more wood flooring for our addition we are doing! Maybe we could meet for dinner or something . . . =) Then I could see that sweet baby girl!!

Colter & Elizabeth Lewis said...

Yes.....let's definitely get together! Maybe we can meet for lunch one day. I would love to have you guys out to our house if it's not too far. We have been planning to have a get together with all of our Memorial friends but just haven't found the time. Maybe we'll find the time this month! I'll let you know!

Glad to be in touch!

Krista said...

Hey girl! No, not yet . . . Saturday is the big day! I cannot believe he'll be in the double digits next year! **sniff** =( They grow SO fast! Speaking of . . . how's that sweet baby girl doing? BTW, I see that you haven't updated your blog (hint hint . . . I haven't either though . . .=)) anyway, enjoyed seeing the baby shower pics on your facebook! =)