Monday, August 04, 2008

busy, busy

Goodness. I used to wonder about those people who would have blogs and never update them. I thought, "What's the point? Why don't they ever update?" I have turned into one of those people, and I don't like it. Truth be told, I'm spending a lot of time on Facebook these days which tends to be quicker to update than my blog. I'm going to attempt to update right now although I should be sleeping since Ellie is asleep. She, by the way, is another reason I'm not updating as often....surprise, surprise huh?!?! What a good reason though, right? She is such a cutie!

Last Saturday (the 26th), we ate with our friends Aaron & Cindy and went fishing. Nothing was caught, but our family had a good time hanging out with their family.

Monday, the 28th was Gracie's 8th birthday. I'll try to write out an 'official' birthday post later. She is precious and wonderful and doing a tremendous job of being a biggest sister!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday of last week (28th-31st) Katie attended 'Creation Station day camp' at church and had a great time!
It was nice to stay home most of the day Friday. The girls & I hung out at home trying to clean up the apartment. Once Chris got home, I ran to the grocery then we ate dinner and went out to run a few errands.

Saturday, Chris & I were excited to go look at some houses with our realtor! A friend kindly offered to watch Gracie & Katie for us which was a great help. We looked at 3 houses. We didn't like 2 of them much at all, but we really liked the 3rd one. Make that present tense. We really LIKE the 3rd one. It's at the 'tippy top' of our limit (of course!) so we're trying to decide if we want to make an offer for quite a bit less and hold our breath or makean offer near what they're asking or what. It's a really great house and so pretty and we both keep thinking about it. I looked at 2 other houses today, and for one reason or another, neither one could hold a candle to the one we like. We hope to go look at it again this week as well as 1 or 2 others. We really want to get a contract on something before Gracie starts school so she can start school in her new one as opposed to starting at the school here and then having to change again. However, we don't want to jump into something this big without being pretty sure it's the right house. "Pressure!"

Sunday, we were so blessed that our new church family threw a "diapers/gift card" baby shower for baby Ellie! It was so fun! We were truly blessed that they did this, and so many turned out to welcome baby Ellie and continue to welcome us to the church as well.
Today, I went with the girls to look at the 2 houses I mentioned above and spent the rest of the day at home which was kind of nice. We're 'bracing' for Tropical Storm Edouard here in Houston. I'm a little antsy about it to be quite honest. Chris's work kept sending him emails throughout the day saying that the office was planning to be open but to check their website & email later to see if anything had changed. There were supposed to leave the office with everything turned off and blinds closed, etc. Some events at church have been canceled due to 'possible inclement weather.' Chris is going to 'play it by ear' as to whether or not he'll go to work tomorrow. I guess he's going to wait and see what it's doing in the morning. Right now, all is quiet outside, but during dinner it was storming hard.

We are planning to go to San Antonio this weekend to go to Sea World! We're excited about that. Please pray for the house hunting. Pray for God to lead us to the right house at the right time and that we'll be smart about the decision we make.


Chris and Gretchen said...

Hope you weather through the storm. :) The baby is the cutest! I just had to comment when I saw the picture of your girls fishing. Remember going with us? What about when my Aunt Gladys got a bee in her pants and ran around pulling her pants off! LOL Too funny.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Love the matching pajamas of Gracie and her doll.

Krista said...

Girl, you are doing better 'updating' than I probably would have done a year ago now . . . thank goodness I didn't have a blog then! =) LOVE all the new pics!!

Miss Hope said...

Three beautiful girls, Jacinda. Prayers for the right house. We are thinking about buying also and I get all anxious about the whole process.

Erica said...

What a pretty baby girl! I also love the picture of Gracie in her American Girl pajamas...Kaylee has those too. I think they may actually fit this year:) happy late Birthday to Gracie!

Many prayers will be coming your way for your new home.

Kimberly said...

Happy bday to Gracie!
You have a better excuse than anyone to not be updating as often!
That purple dress is precious!

TMK said...

I'm SOOOO sad I missed you on Sunday! Come back!!! Mandy made me start a facebook, so when I figure out how to invite you, won't you be my neighbor/friend?