Saturday, July 26, 2008

good week

This has been a busy, but good, week!

Gracie had 'art camp' at church which she really enjoyed. Monday, they went to a pottery making place. Tuesday, they painted ceramics and started working on a pinata. Wednesday, they finished the pinata and worked on an embroidery project. They also did a stained glass at some point in the week. She really had a great time.

I felt like this week was kind of my 're-entry' into the real world since I was driving her to the church building by 9:00 M, T, & W + going to church Wednesday night. I was a little nervous about getting out & about with all 3 by myself but knew it had to happen sometime. It went really well, and it was good to get that 'first time' out of the way and know that I could survive! I even took all 3 to the doctor by myself. They all 3 did great!

Taking Gracie to & from art camp also gave me an opportunity to spend time with some ladies from church and get to know them better which I've been wanting to do. It was so good to hang out & have lunch with new friends! I have been needing this 'girl time' so bad, so I was especially thankful for it. I have been praying specifically about this sort of thing, and I'm thankful to have been blessed this week with time spent with new friends.

Monday when I picked Gracie up from camp and was preparing to leave, a lady in the parking lot told me that they were going to Chick Fil A and asked if we wanted to go. I happily agreed and followed her there where Gracie & Katie enjoyed eating with & playing with her 5 year old girl & 3 year old boy. I enjoyed visiting with their mom, too. Funny thing about this family is that her husband spent some time while growing up in the Atlanta area which is where I grew up and she has lived in Augusta, GA which is very near where we were in Aiken. Now we're both in Houston attending the same church. Small world when you think about it.

Tuesday & Wednesday I had a great time shopping with my new friend Cindy. She & her 10 year old son let us hang out with them, and she showed me some new fun places to shop. Her son did a great job pushing Ellie's stroller and was a real trooper shopping with all of us girls! After we picked up Gracie and her 9 year old son, we ate lunch together. The kids had fun together, and I enjoyed the 'girl time' with Cindy as well. She & I were actually at ACU together although we didn't really know each other.

Tuesday afternoon the girls had fun playing in one of the fountains at the mall. They got soaked and had so much fun doing it!

Wednesday night someone brought us dinner for the next night which was really nice. Soon after Ellie was born we had offers from people to bring us dinner. However, we had so much family here for so long that we didn't need it. We appreciated the offers though! (We did have someone bring it the day Chris's parents left though which was really nice.) She also handed me a gift from her & Cindy. They had gone on a 'scrapbooking weekend' a few weeks ago. Lisa had finished her projects, so she used a book Cindy had and made some lay-outs using all sorts of 'girly papers' (they both have 2 boys, so they don't get to use those kinds of papers very often!) and labeled different sections for each of my girls. Now all I have to do is add cute pictures of them to the pages. That was really sweet of them, and I appreciate it!

Friday, we had a small 'dolphin' birthday party for Gracie where she enjoyed swimming, playing, & celebrating (almost) turning 8 with one of her new friends. Her actual birthday isn't until Monday, so I will write more about our sweet first-born then. She got such a sweet gift from her best friend in South Carolina. It's a necklace that says 'friends.' Her friend has a matching one that says 'best.' We still have more celebrating to do in the next few days......

Friday night, we had a great time at Aaron & Cindy's house for dinner. She cooked a wonderful dinner for us and another family from church. Their house is so beautiful-I am definitely going to be wanting her to help me decorate our new house! Speaking of.......

We were supposed to go look at houses with our realtor Saturday, but she had to cancel on us. We're hoping to be able to look next week. We're getting anxious to get out of our apartment and find a house where we can feel even more settled.

Next week is Katie's turn to go to camp. She will be attending 'Creation Station' day camp 4 days. Gracie & I (and Ellie) are going to help 1 day, so that should be fun. I know Katie will enjoy it!


Kristen OQ said...

Art camp looks like so much fun. My Sam would love all of those fun things Gracie got to do.

Cindy Deister said...

Hee Hee...I laugh when you say "new friend", I wish I felt "new" and not about to be 35! Okay, next time you come over, we will just order pizza or something, and I won't care about the dust. Especially if it's during the school year - I'm a stress-case then. I really had a great time with you this week, too, and I'm enjoying getting to know you. Yay Estrogen!

Colter & Elizabeth Lewis said...

Ellie is so precious! I am glad everything is going well with you guys. From some of the people you have mentioned, it sounds like you guys are going to Memorial. Great church! Tell the Deisters hello for us. Cindy is an incredible girl! I miss our Memorial friends..... that church is full of great people.
Good luck with the house search!