Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day 2009

I got pj's for the girls that represented their year. Gracie got "Peace" pj's, Katie got gingerbread ones, and Ellie got puppy ones.

Katie was so excited when we went outside for her to leave out the reindeer food.

She also wrote this note for Santa. It says, "Eat the gingerbread house."

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Gramps & Gramme (Chris' parents) were in Houston the week OF Christmas, then we left Christmas Day to head to Atlanta where we are now. We spent a couple of days in Aiken too...visiting with wonderful friends! My brother & his family will arrive here in Atlanta tomorrow, so we will get to have some fun cousin time!

Here are the girls' stockings, filled with treasures and ready to be opened Christmas morning.

'Santa' left Ellie a Little People set. He left Katie 'Woody' from Toy Story, and he left Gracie the vanity for Molly, her American Girl doll who she got from Santa a few years ago. Gracie knows all about 'Santa,' but she's great about going along with it all!

Ellie enjoyed checking out her stocking Christmas morning!

Katie loves organic milk, so she was very excited when Santa left some for her in the refrigerator!

Gracie was excited to open her blanket I made for her.

Ellie liked her baby doll carriage her sisters got for her!

Gracie made me this sweet bracelet out of buttons. Very sweet!!!!!

Gramps & Gramme left Christmas Day to head back to New Mexico while we headed East to Atlanta.

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