Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Nutcracker

Today was a special day for Gracie, Katie, & myself. We went to see The Nutcracker! I have been so excited ever since I bought the tickets and kept it a secret until today. They knew we were doing something special but didn't know what until they were about to get ready. I gave clues throughout the week but nothing that gave it away until today...Gracie finally guessed it.

Ellie needs to wait quite awhile before enjoying such an event, so she & Daddy enjoyed the day together. He said she slept a good portion of the afternoon, so guess who else did, too!

Here you can see Ellie peering out the door at us! (Click on any picture to make it bigger.)

I decided to treat the girls to something I've been wanting to try for awhile, so we started off our special day by visiting The Chocolate Bar! It was filled with all sorts of chocolate treats and non chocolate ones as well.

I decided we needed to eat something besides JUST sweets, so we went down the street to a Whole Foods. It was a really neat store, and I was pretty sure it would have places to sit & eat. They did, along with tons of great things to purchase and eat right there. Katie was pretty impressed when I explained that it is a health food type grocery store and lots of it is organic. She is very into organic foods! Kinda funny b/c we don't buy that much of it! The girls shared a kit that had grapes, crackers, cheese, turkey & lettuce while I enjoyed a 1/2 club sandwich.

The girls & I then enjoyed our Chocolate Bar treats for dessert! Katie chose a Nutcracker cookie.

Gracie chose this solid chocolate dog, and I had a chocolate covered (part of a) banana!

Poor dog had his face gnawed off!

Here we are at the theater. Our seats were up really high! However, once it started we could see pretty much everything really well. I wouldn't mind going again another year and getting better seats, but they really weren't too bad. The performance was very pretty. I wish I was as graceful as the ballerinas. The Sugar Plum Fairy was just amazing the way she danced!

I think Katie would have been happy with just 1 act :) but she did fine. She just talked to herself and played with her shoe alot during the 2nd act! Gracie watched pretty intently. It was all very pretty! I loved watching the Snow Queen favorite.

I enjoyed having this special day with my big girls and look forward to the first time Ellie can enjoy The Nutcracker with us! There were so many little girls all dressed up in their Christmas dresses....a great "girly" day!

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Jennifer Reinsch said...

Love the picture with Ellie's fac peering out of the door window. She looks a little miffed that she wasn't going.