Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas fun!

Ellie participated in her precious Christmas program this week with her 'preschool.' I always feel funny calling it that since she's only 1. I prefer to call it 'Mother's Day Out.' Anyway, it was really cute!

Here she is in her Santa hat, "performing." Of course, her interpretation of performing was to sit there and look cute while everyone else sang. At least there was no melt down! :)

Here is the group. Her precious "Mrs. Maria" is in the green. Mrs. Maria loves our little Ellie so much, and Ellie loves her, too! She is a true blessing! She has also been Katie's Kindergarten "Journeywoman" on Sunday mornings for the past few months which means she takes the Kindergarten class to all the different classes during Bible Class time. They go to a different class each Sunday (games, storytime, drama, cooking/science, history/geography, & music/memory-each teaching the same basic story/concept using a different learning style each week for a quarter) Their Journeywoman (or man) 'travels' with them each week and encourages them with their memory verses, behavior, etc. while each class has teachers who stay in their specific class for the whole quarter. Anyway, she has been a blessing to Katie as well and truly seems to care for her as much as Ellie!

Our sweet "Mrs. BJ" is down in the bottom right corner. She is so wonderful to our little Ellie as well! Such a ray of sunshine with her smile & welcome to Ellie each time she comes into class!

Sweet girl!

We made cookies this week which Gracie & Katie really enjoyed. I cheated this year and bought the pre cut kind. Last year, we had flour everywhere and cookie cutters all over. It was fun...but a mess! I just couldn't quite find the time or energy for all of that this year, so we went with an easier route this time!

I thought (stupidly!) that Ellie might enjoy decorating her own little ball of dough. Of course, she just ATE it instead!

This is a "radio" that Katie made, along with a snail, too. She is quite creative!

My big girls hard at work.

They may not be that beautiful, but they sure tasted yummy!

When Gracie was in Kindergarten, she made the cutest ornament that included her handprint with her fingers made into snowmen. Yesterday, Katie came home with an ornament like it, too! I love it!

She was so proud!

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Erica said...

Just precious, all of the pictures! Your girls seem to all be growing up so fast. Love the ornament! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of memories.