Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Softball season was great this year.  Chris coached again, and this year they were the Eagles and played on a REAL field with a REAL dugout!  Very cool!  They had a great year and celebrated with a great party last week.  She is looking forward to playing again next season and has also decided she would like to try basketball next year!  We're looking forward to that!

Daddy helping her get in the right stance!

Made it HOME!

Going from 1st to 2nd!

She had a great season!

What a great daddy for being her coach!

I enjoyed attending Gracie's Junior High Awards Night a couple of weeks ago.  Ellie's end of the year Preschool Program was the same night, so Chris went to that with her.  Katie also had Open House that night, but something had to give so no one went to that one.  Poor middle child!  :(

We were proud that Gracie received all A's for the year!  So far, she's kept all A's from Kinder-6th grade.  Quite the accomplishment!  She also received an award for Highest Average in Social Studies!  There was more than 1 student who received that one, so I'm guessing there was a tie.  With as many students as they have, I'm sure that could be the case.  We are very proud of our Junior High girl!  :)

Daddy is proud of his girl!

Our sweet Gracie!

Always more fun to do this sort of thing with a friend.

Waiting with some friends for the program to begin.

Gracie & I enjoyed sharing Tacos Al Carbon after the program...yum...what a way to celebrate! 

Since I was going to miss Ellie's program due to Gracie's program being the same night, I watched part of the dress rehearsal.  It was toooo cute!

Little Miss Ellie loved Mrs. Melody & Mrs. Sandra this year!  They were great teachers for her!

Their little program was so cute; grass skirt & all!  


"Somewhere Over The Rainbow," Hawaiian style!

My sweet little Hawaiian girl!

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