Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying to catch up...

I started writing this WEEKS ago...just now getting around to finishing....Blogger is driving me crazy right now, so forgive the wackiness of this post as far pictures not lining up with captions and pictures that should be grouped together not being grouped together!

Lots going on in our lives these days.  Having a slower afternoon is appreciated, so I'll try to update the 'ole blog a bit.  Spring has come in Texas, although today's high is only supposed to be in the low 70's!  Not the norm, but welcome!

Sweet Ellie is having fun being a 3 year old!  She is growing up more & more each day and learning & talking like such a grown up.  The other day, she busted out with a memory verse at Sunday lunch.  So sweet!  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart."  Proverbs 3:5 Her Sunday morning Bible Class teachers are doing a good job!  :)




She loves riding her tricycle to school to pick up Katie and wants to ride her bike, but it has a busted tire, so we need to replace it. I think it will be just as cheap to buy a new bike than to fix the tire. We have other bikes for her, but they're still too big. She needs one to fit her now as we have many opportunities for her to ride.

She enjoyed trying to play soccer the other day during one of Katie's softball games.  I'm not sure sports are in her future, but I guess time will tell! 

Katie at bat during a 2012 softball game!
Gracie & a friend enjoying dinner before Wednesday night Bible Study!

Gracie & her daddy enjoying a book before bed.  Gracie couldn't resist having him read "Benjamin McFadden & the Robot Babysitter" when she found it in a pile of books.  An old favorite!  :)

Gracie supporting her sister at her softball game...haha!

Katie is loving riding her bike to school now!

A new softball season!

Loving a new season!

A real dugout this year!

This is how Ellie enjoys supporting Katie!
Love it!
Gracie is loving being in orchestra, and we're loving listening to her! Look close and you'll see her smiling!
Katie, ready to ride to school!
Catch, Katie, Catch!
UIL Orchestra competition!
More softball!
A great day...Star of the Week!
future soccer player?
future soccer player?

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