Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break has come & gone for us this year. Even though we didn't go anywhere on a big trip, it was nice to have a break from setting our alarms!

Monday, we went to see The Lorax which was really cute as far as kids' movies go. We ended up sitting on the 2nd row which wasn't my first choice, but it was still fun.

Tuesday, we went bowling which was fun. None of us are headed on any tournaments anytime soon, of course!

Gracie didn't like it when I teased her for a bad frame!

She was a great help with Ellie!

Tuesday night, we went to the rodeo. Wednesday, we stayed home & cleaned up around the house in anticipation of a visitor the next afternoon, and I worked on some work stuff. Thursday, Gracie earned a little money watching the little girls for me at the church building while I worked in the office for a few hours. That afternoon, Jennifer & baby Jack visited! Friday, I can't even remember what we did in the morning (ha!). That afternoon, we dropped Gracie off for a sleepover to study for LTC Bible Bowl. Their coach is amazing, and they have been studying so hard! That evening, the rest of us ate out and played putt putt with the Gordons. That was our Spring Break!

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