Saturday, March 24, 2012

Katie Boo's 8th Birthday

Dear Katie,

We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. You are a JOY to us. You're a sweet, spunky tomboy who loves BASEBALL, playing softball, Toy Story, making inventions, reading (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Geronimo Stilton, baseball fact books, etc.), watching t.v., & playing your new "electric guitar" (Paper Jamz). You don't have much interest in being girly, brushing your hair, wearing clothes that are ironed, or even making sure things match! You love giving hugs to us and are sweet about complimenting me on my cooking and if you notice I cleaned up your room for you, you're sure to notice & comment on it thankfully. You are keeping up with your straight A's on report cards and have no discipline problems at school or in your Bible Classes. If you start out your night sleeping with your head on one end of your bed, there's no guarantee you won't end the night with your head at the opposite end. You still love your Mickey blanket I made for your 3rd birthday and were happy to receive your baseball blanket I made you this year. You like to have a few stuffed animals in your bed at night although we don't love that because of your allergies. Your allergies are still around but perhaps getting a bit better. Hard to tell if they're getting better or we're just getting to used to them as your "normal." Your best girl friends are Emily (from church), Maddie (from school), and Tatum (from South Carolina). You're not above playing with the boys too though. After all, they play cool things according to you! When we have family Bible Study, you follow along & love to have your chance to read. You soak in everything and are eager to answer the questions Daddy asks to help you & your sisters learn. You love having grandparents visit and love visits with cousins as well.
We love you, Katie Boo! Happy 8th Birthday!

brownie treats for school the day before Katie's birthday!

Katie was happy for Ellie & I to join her at lunch the day before her birthday! Chick Fil A & Ooh La La!

Katie woke up pretty early the morning of her birthday, ready for some gifts and a birthday party, too!

What a blessed little girl; gift from family...and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!

She was excited to receive her new baseball blanket that I made.

She got nice things from us, her sisters, and both sets of grandparents.

She was so happy to be having a birthday party with a group of church & school friends at a local "jumpy" place. It was such an easy party, and I think the kids had a great time!

She had such a cute cake made by a girl at our church.

Instead of gifts, she asked her friends to bring books to donate to a local hospital, and her friends were happy to help! She was able to donate around 83 books to the hospital. We went this past week to deliver them, and one of the librarians was so nice and helped her to understand where the books could go and how they would benefit the patients. Of course, a few friends brought gifts for her, too. Not necessary but sweet.

She enjoyed getting to sit in the big blow up chair with her friends!

She had a fun time!

For dinner, she requested tortellini with a tomato cream type sauce, green peas, & garlic bread!

Here she is with her "birthday buddy" from church. Born 10 years & 1 day apart.

Grammer came through with a cool gift....a CUBS tshirt....her 2nd favorite baseball team & Pappy's favorite baseball team! And look at the cool baseball books! Just some of the books she got. No wonder collecting books for the hospital was an easy choice. She knew that if she were in the hospital as a patient, reading is an activity she would like.

We love our sweet Katie Boo!

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