Saturday, March 24, 2012

Houston Rodeo 2012

Once again, our family enjoyed a great time at the Rodeo! We love it! We only got to go once this year and were more rushed for time than I liked (barely got to see the Livestock show part) but it was still great!

Isn't she just about the cutest little 3 year old cowgirl you've ever seen?

about to go on the ferris wheel with her daddy

Biggest sister helping littlest sister try to win a big prize!

Crazy Coaster fun for the biggest sisters.

Katie & Chris went on this ride which I have no interest in. It goes really fast, forward & backward, and at some point they put a cover over the whole thing. No, thank you.

Time for the rodeo!

Pink boots! Bought for Katie years ago...worn by Ellie now!

Ellie's favorite part of the night!

Time to call it a night!

Love some Houston rodeo (especially the food!)

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