Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Springs, AR

We had SUCH a great weekend in Hot Springs, AR this past weekend.  My handsome, sweet cousin, Austin, graduated from high school.  While we didn't actually go to the graduation ceremony, we had a great time visiting with family throughout the rest of the weekend.  It had been about 2 1/2 years since we'd seen lots of this part of the family, so seeing them was wonderful!  Hot Springs was only about 8 hours from us, so the trip wasn't even that hard to make.  We were able to take the girls out of school early Friday, putting us there about a little after 6:00.  Monday, we left around 9:30 and got home well before dark. The girls have to go to school tomorrow and half a day Thursday, then 2nd grade & 6th grade are HISTORY.  Hard to believe!

The whole weekend was a blessing, and I hope we get to do it again before another 2 1/2 years go by!

Blogger is giving me fits, so hopefully these pictures will somewhat go where I want them to go!

The cousins together again!!!!!!

Ellie loves her Tickle Monster, a.k.a. Uncle Josh!

2 little girls happy to be having breakfast with their Pappy

The girls got a little bean snapping lesson from Grammer & Bigmother!
Katie was thrilled with Uncle Tony gave her baseball cards....1,080 of them!
Katie, our cuddle bug, enjoyed snuggling with Grammer!

Ann Elise & Gracie hanging out with Uncle Joe

Ellie in front of Uncle Tony's garden.  He had 40 tomato plants, beans, & corn.  Yum!

I loved seeing Aunt Jeannie's vintage linens hanging on the line!

My sweet, big girl!

I loved Aunt Jeannie's kitchen cabinet!  Talented woman!

Pappy hanging out with Ellie during her milk break!

Ellie & her 2nd cousin, Aiden, getting acquainted.

I wonder what they're talking about?

Katie discovered that Hot Springs is the birthplace of Spring Baseball!

Walking through downtown Hot Springs

Taking a lunch break

The Hot Springs bathhouses are pretty...not sure I'd enjoy having one though.  I've heard they're 'interesting.'

Bigmother with 7 of her great grandchildren.  We're missing 2 boys & 2 girls from this picture.

Grammer & Pappy with all 5 of their granddaughters!

I remember being a sophomore in college and getting the surprise news that one of my aunts was having a baby!  Hard to believe Austin (on the left) has now graduated from high school and is headed to college.  Seems he was quite the football star in high school...and cute & sweet as well!  :)

I loved seeing my grandmother!

Bigmother with her only 2 granddaughters.  Her other 6 grandchildren were all boys!

I'm sure Ellie is telling Grammer something important!

Driving a tractor/lawnmower is sure fun with a cousin!

Of course, it's easier if only 1 is in charge!  LOL

Is Ellie talking Bigmother into letting her escape or is it the other way around?

The lawnmower was quite the attraction!

Once it was time for Grammer & Pappy to leave, Katie got sad.  She always has a hard time saying good bye!

The cousins & spouses went out together Sunday night while Uncle Tony & Aunt Jeannie stayed with the kids.  What a treat!  We had a great time!

Chris loved being a kid in the go-kart with the other guys.

Guys against girls in Putt Putt.  They won...but barely!

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