Friday, July 06, 2012

Camp & Mission Trip!

 Katie was so excited that she got to go to church camp this summer for the 1st time!  She had 2 great counselors and had a fun time! 

Chris went as a counselor, so he got to see all the fun Katie was having!
It was funny, one day when she was gone, Gracie & I found Katie's Toy Story toys in the middle of her room like this.  It just looked to me like they'd been up playing and had to fall quickly when they heard us in the movie.  LOL

I can't figure out how to move these pictures around, so these are quite out of order, but here she is, ready to go to camp!
Before Chris & Katie got back from camp, Gracie left on a Junior High mission trip with the youth group.  When Chris got back on Sunday, he & 3 other guys who were at camp with him, traveled down to meet the youth group for their mission trip week.  It was tiring but great!

These 2 were going to be able to "rule the roost" for awhile until big brothers & sisters came back home!
Ready to serve while having fun!

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