Friday, July 06, 2012

Hot Summertime calls for the POOL

With summertime comes time in the sun & water!  We are blessed to live in a community with several pools, so we try to take advantage of using them often.  (We pay aLOT in HOA fees, so we figure we better use them!)  ;) 

Ellie loves playing in the sand!

I love this particular one because Ellie can have a great time in the sand and a large area of very shallow water safely.  Even Katie, who is just learning to swim, has access to a large area of shallow water where she can stay safe yet also practice what she's learning in her swim lessons.  Gracie, who is becoming more & more of a fish all the time, can also enjoy it.  I can stay in the shade and watch!  Lifeguards are also there which is good!

 Gracie is SUCH a good big sister to Ellie!

Another great pool has a great splash pad that is lots of fun for Ellie!


For the swimmers in the family, there is a large pool with slides & diving board....where Chris likes to pretend he's a much younger man! ;)

 Katie has been enjoying swim lessons this summer and has come sooooooooo far!  She is doing really great!

We love Ellie's floatie that keeps her nice & safe until she gets swim lessons.

 Sometimes all 3 of them actually get along & work together!  ;)

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