Thursday, December 01, 2005

1 down, how many to go?

Yep, that's right. 1 Christmas ornament taken off the tree by my darling 20 month old and shattered on the floor. *sigh* I get the distinct feeling that it will not be the last. She had been told "no" many times before this happened. She had been put in time out and even had her hand swatted. Unfortunately, for this little angel of mine, she needs to be reminded often of the rules. When the ornament crashed onto our hardwood floors and broke into a million pieces, I will admit to giving her more than just a little swat and yet another time out. I don't think Gracie touched the tree at this age more than about 3 times. She just doesn't need as many reminders to figure out that she's not supposed to do something.

I tried to take pictures of the girls yesterday for our Christmas card. The other thing my youngest daughter doesn't understand is how to sit & smile for a picture! Poor Gracie said her mouth was hurting from smiling so long! She did great; of course there were a few times when

Katie would finally do well and Gracie would decide to slump or scratch her nose or something. Katie did great at Masterportrait last week when a professional was taking them. (If it wasn't for the bubbles he constantly blew, that would have been a waste as well!) Anyway, I thought I'd offer your day a little humor by showing you some of the "best" of Katie & Gracie! (Please note that "best" is being used sarcastically.)

I did get a few that were decent and one of those will be the Christmas card. I haven't decided which one yet....but certainly not one of these!


TMK said...

I think they look precious. It is just how they are right now and these pics look adorable. Love their dresses!

MDM said...

Those are darling of your southern princesses!!! I hope everyone will post their family XMas picture for bloggers to see! My favorite gift of the season are the picture cards from friends

Deana Nall said...

We haven't had any ornaments broken yet but we do keep finding them scattered all over the house. We tried to put the glass ones higher up on the tree.

Malia said...

oh my goodness!

We did the Christmas card picture thing yesterday, too! Out of over 20 pictures taken, I think only about 2 were card worthy. Just got the prints today, now the mass mailing must begin.

See my post today about our Christmas tree.

Kate said...

We went through the same thing with Bryson at the photographer's the week before Thanksgiving. Ugh. Those pictures are the ones you will cherish forever and laugh at when they are older! You'll miss them being "silly!" Love the dresses--they are adorable.

jettybetty said...

The memories--at least there are digital cameras now--I used to take rolls of film trying to get one decent picture.

The dresses are darling--glad you got a couple that are card worthy!

I love pictures, too!

Miss Hope said...

Our 20 month old babies must think alike! I'm getting the same thing here! Good thing I have carpet or I'd be minus quite a few ornaments.

Let me know if you find the magic cure for this! LOL

hollyfouts said...

Christmas card pictures are always a challenge! I decided to use a professional picture this year, and it was still difficult. The only way we (me, my mom, and the photographer) could keep Miller from screaming and running out of the picture was with a candy cane. So there will be a candy cane hanging out of his mouth on the front of our card this year. Oh, well!

elizabeth said...

Every year after Thanksgiving, I start getting high anxiety about the "Christmas picture!"

I have saved many hilarious ones over the years that I can't part with.

Now that ME is very mobile and Thomas forgot how to smile, I can only imagine how horrid they will be this year!