Sunday, December 18, 2005

Old Macdonald LOST a farm!

Where, O where is our Leap Frog Fridge Farm?!?!?! Katie has/had one and it was a really cute toy. It was magnetic and stayed on the refrigerator (hence the name.) It had cute little fronts & backs of animals that the baby could match and it would sing a nifty little song for them.

I remember it being here a few months ago when we hosted Life Group and I think a few months ago when we hosted playgroup.

We can't find it. Honestly, it's not a tiny toy, so where could it be? We're also missing 1/2 a horse and the whole sheep. I'm not sure if we're missing any other animals. I've pondered whether a friend could have gone home with it, but really, I think the parent would notice if their child came home with it and realize that it wasn't theirs. Also, our children's friends aren't likely to do that anyway. Any child who would be smart enough to take it & hide it wouldn't do that because they're old enough to know better, I think. Any child young enough to not know to hide it would be found out by their mother, I think. The animals are smaller and could be lost easy enough I guess, but the farm isn't that small.

Here are our latest thoughts on the matter:

1.) Maybe a dad (like at Life Group or something) maybe stuck it in the diaper bag if their child was playing with it not knowing it wasn't theirs. (b/c do dads really know that kind of thing anyway?!?!) I really think the mom would have figured it out by now though.

2.) Katie put it in the trash can and we threw it away not knowing it was in there. *sigh*

I miss it.


TMK said...

I love your dad possibility. So true!! Hope you find it.

Malia said...

I vote for the trash. That's the usually demise of most of our pacifiers at least that's my theory about why I have to keep buying them since we keep losing them!

jettybetty said...

I confess--I took it! ;-)

Malia said...

Guess what?! My son got one of these for Christmas from his uncle/aunt/cousins and already we've "lost" the front of the duck! Plus he keeps pulling the barn part off the fridge and toddling around with it. Good thing we've "hidden" the trash can from him or else we might lose the whole thing too!