Monday, December 12, 2005

a few more things to add for today

*I still remember the lady who gave Chris the dollar a few weeks ago when he needed some cash. So sweet. Today, I had a similar experience. I was at Family Christian Bookstore buying a Bible for Gracie for Christmas. I had bought one awhile back but decided to take it back and get a different one. I was standing in line watching Katie play with all of the little "stuff" they have at the counter. You know, the little magnets and coins, etc. A lady standing there was talking to me about her and I was commenting that this is when I have to really watch to make sure she doesn't stuff her pockets with something. (She didn't have pockets today, but you know what I mean.) When the man got off the phone and was ready to check her out, she said, "Why don't you go ahead and let her go?" (speaking of me) She said, "I think she has a little one who might be about ready to go." She didn't say it in a condescending way about Katie's behavior. She just recognized that I had an almost 2 year old who was walking around and had the potential to mess things up and she graciously allowed me to be served first. A very refreshing experience!

*Chris & I talked this weekend about him taking Gracie (& Katie later on) on regular dates. Just the 2 of them. Apparently, he mentioned it to her and she told me this morning how excited she was! She's already thinking of where they can go and what they can do. Part of the reason I love Chris is for the good Daddy he is to our girls! He had mentioned that he hoped they would always want to talk to him and we reminded each other that it will depend on the relationship he has building and will continue to build with them in these early years. He's a good daddy!

*I don't know the exact title of it, but have you heard the Christian song about "Everybody's thinkin' 'bout their own situation? Everybody's stayin' in their own little world........they don't understand?" I love that song and find it to be so true!

*Gracie's "Winter Musical" is tonight and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! The batteries are charging in the camera & camcorder. I will post pictures, I'm sure!


elizabeth said...

My friend had a simular experience two days ago. We were both saying that when we get a little older or at least don't have kids with us, we will ALWAYS let the harried mother behind us in line go first!

jettybetty said...

Now I am laughing!!!

I really figured she would block me or at least delete me--and she didn't!

We definitely need to send Chester to Michigan! Wouldn't that be blast?

There are bad things that happen in public schools AND home schools. If you believe God wants you to homeschool, by all means do it. But please don't attack public schools--there are some incredible things happening there--God is at work--whether or not you-know-who wants to admit it or not!

When Critter was home at Thanksgiving she talked about starting a blog for how God was working in public schools. Unfortunately, she has a thesis that has to be completed soon--so I don't know if that will happen. It would be so great to get the good things out (like Chester)--I believe in encouragement of believers--and I think there are some very encouraging things!

Now I will step down off my all too familiar soapbox!

I send my greetings to your family for a very blessed season!!! (I think you did cover it all very well--so all that!)