Saturday, February 10, 2007

IS there a refrigerator in Heaven?

I did something tonight that was lots of fun! I went to one of the churches in town and listened to a hilarious Christian comedian: Anita Renfroe. She was so much fun to listen to; if you ever get a chance to listen to her, GO! Some of it was serious, most of it was just silly fun. I even saw Gracie's teacher there, along with a few people from church, so that nice. I wanted to buy a cd, but the line was long and I'd left my purse in the car. I may order something later. One thing she said that I loved: "If there's a refrigerator in Heaven, you know God has YOUR picture on it." I thought that was sweet!

Chris & I went on an overnight date last night: ooh la la! He planned this evening almost all the way by himself-I was so impressed! He planned for our good friend to watch the girls for us, we went & checked in a hotel (not too far away, about an hour), ate at The Melting Pot, slept in late, ate brunch at Waffle House (yummy!), watched "The Pursuit of Happyness," then came home. Less than 24 hours total but sooo nice to get away!

He was very sweet and had planned to have our picture taken at the restaurant and a rose brought to me at the table. He also gave me a silver cross necklace and a pearl bracelet with 2 Swarovski crystals to represent the girls' birth months. I gave him gift cards to a sports store and this other store called 'Lids.' The man has about a million caps but he always feels like he needs more!

We don't usually go on such a big weekend with so many gifts for Valentine's Day but we did a little more this year. It's nice to splurge on each other from time to time; we don't do it very often. Of course, Chris is the type of husband who is sweet each & everyday and is always doing kind & thoughtful things. I'd rather have him be like that rather than not be kind day in & day out and give elaborate gifts each holiday to make up for it. I've certainly been blessed with him and sometimes wonder how I got so lucky!
Yesterday, I mailed off Gracie's story for this year's Reading Rainbow writing contest. She was so excited to participate again this year (and hopes to win the laptop computer!) I think she did a great job! Looking at her story from the eyes of her Mommy, of course I think she deserves the laptop. Looking at it from the eyes of an educator, I see where she still needs work and think she probably won't win 1st place. I worked with her more this year on it-helping her plan it out before she actually started writing, etc. I didn't want to give her too much help because it still needs to be HER story. (Last year there were 1 or 2 that certainly didn't seem to be written by the child which was frustrating!) She had a great time at the celebration last year when each child who participated got a chance to visit the studio, listen to the winning stories and enjoy a carnival. I'm hoping we'll get to do this again. She really worked hard on her story & illustrations and I'm proud of her!


Karen said...

I *love* Anita Renfroe! I have several of her DVDs. She is becoming more well-known now that she's doing the Women of Faith circuit.

Will you ever be able to hear "You Raise Me Up" again without wanting to laugh?

TMK said...

Love that, all of that! The cute saying from the comedian, the sweet date and especially the story. She deserves the laptop for sure! Happy Valentine's Day!

jettybetty said...

If she DVDs--I must find one--she sounds so funny!
Glad you had a night *away*!!
I think Gracie should win, too!

Philip Murphy said...

gracie nice story.